1.2 billion hours to watch everything: which films took the lead in 2021

In 2021, Wink users watched a total of feature films, animated films, series, documentaries, concerts and other content from the online cinema collection 1.2 billion hours. The video service has seriously strengthened its position as an experience provider: the duration of views increased by 1.8 times compared to 2020. By the end of the year, the most popular film was the Russian comedy “Dad” (16+), which confidently outperformed all Hollywood blockbusters. And during the New Year holidays, oddly enough, not only entertainment content was actively watched.

The total time spent watching TV channels in Wink for 2021 exceeded 20 billion hours. In a pandemic COVID-19 restrictions on other leisure activities continued, so the online cinema has become not only the main center of home entertainment, but also a true friend for the whole family. In addition, you can watch Wink content from five devices at the same time: when parents root for their favorite sports teams or worry about the heroes of TV shows, children can simultaneously have fun with cartoon characters on a smartphone or tablet.

Wink subscription is built into Tele2 tariff offers. An increase in the number of views and users of the video service is facilitated by the “Exchange of minutes for a movie” service, available on all tariff plans of the mobile operator. Wink accepts them at a one-to-one rate: a minute from the tariff can be exchanged for a minute of watching a movie. In 2021, subscribers viewed more than 1 million films, exchanging 130 million minutes.

The combined view rating from the video library (including subscriptions, purchases and rentals of movies) also confirms that Wink is the best friend of the family. 16 positions in top 20 occupied by cartoons, among which are the Russian animated films Fixies: The Big Secret (6+) and Smeshariki. Beginning (0+). Well, when the children, apparently, were put to bed, the parents of the current kids watched a movie about their parents – the comedy “Dad” – and recalled the harsh 90s.

Similar trends can be seen in top 20 views by series episodes, here Russian content is unrivaled – for both children and adults. The unequivocal leader is the favorite Russian animated series Masha and the Bear (0+), from which the episodes of the fifth season were watched the most in 2021. Also, episodes of the animated series “Three Cats” (0+) and “Lev’s Truck” (0+) aroused high interest among the audience. Of the proposals for older viewers, the first episodes of “Kitchen” (16+), “Difficult Teens” (18+) and the beginning of the retrodetective story “An Hour Before Dawn” were in the lead (the digital premiere before the broadcast on the federal TV channel took place in the Wink video service18+).

Top 20 most viewed in 2021 (all consumption models):

  1. “Dad” (16+).
  2. “Soul” (6+).
  3. Raya and the Last Dragon (6+).
  4. “Frozen 2” (6+).
  5. “Kuriosa” (18+).
  6. “Fixies: Big Secret” (6+).
  7. “Monsters on vacation 3: The sea is calling” (6+).
  8. “Tom and Jerry” (6+).
  9. Avengers: Endgame (16+).
  10. “Moana” (6+).
  11. Zootopia (6+).
  12. “Sonic in the cinema” (6+).
  13. “Trolls. World tour “(6+).
  14. “Cold heart” (0+).
  15. “The Incredibles 2” (6+).
  16. Cruella (12+).
  17. “Smeshariki. Beginning (0+).
  18. “The Secret of Coco” (12+).
  19. “Scooby-doo!” (2020, 6+).
  20. “The Lion King” (2019, 6+).

Children’s content also occupies the first positions of the top 20 in terms of purchases – both parts of The Boss Baby (6+). In general, content for a children’s audience occupies more than half of the lines from this rating: as in many other things, at first parents supplied children with entertainment, and only after that – themselves.

Top 20 in purchases (including content rental):

  1. “Boss Baby” (6+).
  2. “Boss Baby 2” (6+).
  3. “Fast and Furious 9” (12+).
  4. “Mortal Kombat” (18+).
  5. “Frozen 2” (6+).
  6. “Paw Patrol in the movies” (6+).
  7. “Dad” (16+).
  8. Raya and the Last Dragon (6+).
  9. “Soul” (6+).
  10. “Human Wrath” (18+).
  11. “Justice League Zack Snyder” (16+).
  12. Grinch (6+).
  13. “Luka” (6+).
  14. “Home Alone” (0+).
  15. “The Croods: Housewarming” (6+).
  16. “Godzilla vs. Kong” (12+).
  17. “Sonic in the cinema” (6+).
  18. “Trolls. World tour “(6+).
  19. “The Secret Life of Pets 2” (6+).
  20. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (16+).

A good holiday tradition is a meeting with the heroes of films beloved by several generations. For example, for many years the New Year’s shopping rating has not left the comedy Home Alone. Spectators also enjoy watching premieres, and not only entertaining ones. So, the top lines in the rating of subscriptions were occupied by the domestic air force dramas Sky and Pilot, ahead of the fresh Russian comedies Dracula and Babki, as well as the New Year’s episode of the boy series Earth.

Top 10 in subscriptions for 1–January 9, 2022:

  1. “Sky” (12+).
  2. “Pilot” (12+).
  3. Jungle Cruise (12+).
  4. “Black Widow” (16+).
  5. “Luka” (6+).
  6. Cruella (12+).
  7. “Draculov” (16+).
  8. Raya and the Last Dragon (6+).
  9. “Zyoma 3. New Year’s batch” (18+).
  10. “Grandma” (16+).

Top 10 in purchases for 1–January 9, 2022:

  1. “Venom 2” (16+).
  2. “Home Alone” (0+).
  3. “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York” (0+).
  4. “Dune” (2021, 12+).
  5. “No Time to Die” (12+).
  6. Grinch (6+).
  7. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (16+).
  8. “The Addams Family: Hot Tour” (12+).
  9. “Quiet pool” (18+).
  10. “Boss Baby 2” (6+).

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1.2 billion hours to watch everything: which films took the lead in 2021

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