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In several fantasy worlds of cartoons, we see characters harnessing the power of flames and burning their enemies everywhere. Whether from Japan, the United States, Europe or anywhere in the world, the rule is clear: if there is magic or anything similar, someone will be learning how to use fire to bring down whatever stands in their way.

Here we’ve put together a list of the top ten heroes and villains who use this to win the battles that come their way. Don’t call the fire department or bring a fire extinguisher, because things are going to get really hot around here and I just feel sorry for those who don’t like these more “heated” figures from the most famous animations that exist. Ready or not, here you go!

10 – Roy Mustang

You may not like Roy Mustang in Fullmetal Alchemist and the Brotherhood version, but it is undeniable that he is one of the most appealing characters with his fire alchemy. Whether confronting the homunculi or even the army itself, the captain is one of the squad’s biggest threats and must be taken extremely seriously in combat. Not even the Elric brothers dare mess with him, by the way.

9 – Charizard

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We cannot leave out one of the pokemon most famous there are. Charizard, in addition to having a very good design, was Ash’s partner in the classic anime and used the Flamethrower on everything he found in his way to achieve victory. Or just to show displeasure. Being today one of the best known faces of the franchise, it is difficult to see a product of the brand without the presence of the orange dragon stamped there.

8 – Yamamoto Genryuusai

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In the animation Bleach, where we follow a real squad of supernatural warriors, one of them stands out. First Squadron Captain Yamamoto Genryuusai commands all 13 Shinigami units and when he enters combat there is not one that can survive his flames. However, many are wrong to think that he depends only on this to fight, which takes him to an even higher level in combat than several other characters in the cartoon.

7 – Bloom

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Bloom is the leader of the Winx and, considering that each one dominates an element of nature, fire could not be left out. She is known as the Guardian of the Dragon Flame, and even though she was insecure about her abilities, she was always by her friends’ side to save the day. Attracting many enemies by the magic she carries with her, she ends up looking for her true strength alongside her family and allies to protect everyone. Handy fairy who speak, right?

6 – Phoenix Ikki

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One of the greatest anti-heroes of the entire Knights of the Zodiac saga, Ikki is Shun’s older brother and always has his “Phoenix Bird” move cocked to take out anyone who messes with the young man or gets in his way. He has already faced several huge threats ahead, such as Virgo Shaka, Gemini Saga and even Garuda’s Aiacos, within the arc of Hades and has always had an advantage in combat. It is no wonder that Athena has him as one of the characters who are in her personal guard.

5 – Dark Phoenix (Jean Grey)

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One of the greatest heroes of the X-Men could not be left out, being the representative of the cosmic entity that uses fire to decimate entire planets. Jean Gray ends up being chosen to receive the Phoenix Force in her body, becoming one of the most powerful entities in all of Marvel and also one of its biggest threats. In both movies and comics, she is a force to be reckoned with and this was not left out of classic 90s animation.

4 – Shoto Todoroki

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Quoting My Hero Academia here, I might as well put the hero Endeavor in his son’s shoes, but who are we kidding? With absurd popularity, Shoto Todoroki is one of the most famous and remembered characters in the line and he carries with him both the power of fire and ice. A real mix that makes it promising. He’s already starred in breathtaking scenes using his skills and it’s impossible not to remember the first time we saw his entire arsenal on screen during the school tournament. One classic!

3 – Trigon

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Trigon is one of the main villains of the Teen Titans and for an unconventional reason: he is the father of Raven, who wants to use his own daughter’s body to dominate the world. As one of DC’s most powerful demons, he uses his flame abilities to attack his opponents and put fear in the eyes of those who dare to face him. In addition to the cartoon, he was also part of the series Titãs, shown by Netflix here in Brazil.

2 – Portgas D. Ace

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One Piece is one of the main works of the entire planet and the representative of her fire skill is none other, none other than Portgas D. Ace. Avoiding spoilers here, let’s focus on what matters: he was the protagonist’s stepbrother and ate the fruit that gives the pirate the powers of flames. The result is one of the most powerful beings in history and the character that has also moved one of the biggest arcs we’ve ever seen in both the cartoon and the manga. An icon, to say the least!

1 – Zuko

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Obviously we couldn’t leave out the Fire Nation Prince, Zuko. Son of Ozai, one of the Avatar’s greatest opponents, he goes on a quest to capture the guardian of the elements to prove to his father that the place he belongs is by his side. However, as the adventure progresses, we see a great arc of maturity that he goes through and ends up becoming one of Aang’s strongest allies on his journey. When we think of a character who uses flames in cartoons, it’s impossible not to remember him.

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10 cartoon characters that use firepower – Nerdizmo

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