10 cartoons that were banned around the world

Cartoons delight, amuse and thrill all generations, but don’t be fooled, some animations are not as innocent and harmless as they seem, and several cartoons have already been banned and censored around the world.

Even animations that are theoretically produced for children at some point ended up addressing heavy and controversial topics such as: drinking, illicit drugs, sex scenes and even suicide.

For you who love cartoons, but who were worried and curious at the same time, we have separated in this list, animations that have been banned in different parts of the world, prepare to be surprised.

Check the list:

Sponge Bob

Adventures in History · On SpongeBob's 22nd birthday, understand the controversy over the character's sexuality

Sponge Bob is one of the most watched cartoons in recent years, conquering a legion of fans, but not all episodes seem to be suitable for children. In the third season of the cartoon in the episode called “Middle Age Crustacean“, Bob, Patrick it’s the Krabs broke into a woman’s home and stole her panties, the content was deemed inappropriate and the chapter has been offline since 2018.

Tiny Toons

After 25 Years The Tiny Toons Looniversity Will Return By HBO | unicorn Hater

Tiny Toons was a highly successful cartoon that aimed to show younger versions of established characters such as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, between others. In the episode called “One beer“, the characters go to a bar and consume alcohol, after getting drunk, they go to a cliff. So that it would not be implied that they had died for an inconsequential attitude, the chapter was taken off the air.

Steve Universe

Steven Universe G Panel - Free Shipping on Elo7 | Atelier Final Touch (82056F)

Steve Universe aired on cartoon Network From 2013 to 2019, the animation revolved around alien magicians and won over fans of all ages. Despite being critically acclaimed and nominated for five Emmythe cartoon caused controversy for having homosexual characters, being banned in the Kenya and suffering restrictions in UK.

The Cow and the Chicken

From less correct times, A Vaca e O Frango arrives on HBO Max BR — Portallos

The Cow and the Chicken was a huge audience phenomenon in the 90s, the animation told the story of two animals who were brothers and who were pursued by their enemy “red guy“. In the episode called “Buffalo Gals“, a group of biker ladies invaded the house of the cow It’s from Chicken and had started to chew on the carpet of the residence, the episode, makes several allusions to lesbians through figures of speech and was only aired once.

Screw Squadron

TailSpin HD Wallpaper | Background Image | 1920x1080

Equadrilha Screw it was a drawing of disney of the 90s, which told the story of the Baloo Bear and other animals trying to rescue a plane’s cargo transport than a plane that crashed. in the episode called Flying Dupes, balloon delivered a package that he thought would be a gift to the High Marshal of Thembrian. In fact, it was a time bomb, and the chapter was banned for condoning terrorism. The episode ended up airing again by accident in 1999.

Shin Chan

Shin Chan and the Censorship of the Anus – Opinion Article – enAnime

Shin Chan is a Japanese manga that was adapted for television, the anime shows the adventures of Shinnosuke “Shin” Nohara, who is five years old, and his friends. The cartoon has acid humor and adult jokes and despite being shown in 40 different countries, it was banned in India, as they felt it could be a bad influence on children. A few years later, the Indians edited the episodes, taking out nude scenes and some jokes, and the anime was shown normally.

Batman: Brave and Fearless

DC Kids Italiano YouTube Channel Analytics and Report - Powered by NoxInfluencer Mobile

Batman: Brave and Fearless was an animated series from DC, which showed Batman teaming up with several heroes to fight crime, the cartoon had a lighter approach to attract young audiences, but in the episode The Mask of Matches MaloneO dark Knight joins the black canarya hunter and the Cat Woman to capture the Two face, and they sing a song with lots of sexual references. The chapter didn’t even air in United Statesbut was added as a bonus to the Season 3 DVD.

Gravity Falls: A Summer of Mysteries

Gravity Falls Panel: A Summer of Mysteries - Free Shipping on Elo7 | One Arts (DC31AF)

Gravity Falls: A Summer of Mysteries is an animation of disney that shows Dipper Pines and your sister Mabbel going to spend time at your grandfather’s house Grunkle Stan. The design was very successful in Disney Channelbut has undergone several changes to be displayed in the Disney+. A symbol on the hat Grunkle Stan was removed for having a resemblance to Islamic aesthetics, in addition, scenes and phrases that contained offensive language and violence were removed.

Peppa Pig

How Peppa Pig grew into a billion dollar global business - BBC News Brazil

Peppa Pig is a children’s cartoon that follows the adventures of the sow peppa and his family and despite being considered very educational, it has also been banned. At Chinathe animation was censored because the word “pig” is used to designate criminals and in Australiathe episode Fine Legs Ladywas banned for showing that spiders do not harm people.

Puff Bear

Winnie the Pooh was banned from the country for a bizarre reason

It must be hard to imagine that a drawing as adorable as the Puff Bear was censored somewhere, but it happened in China. Some bloggers started making jokes about the Chinese president Xi Jinpingcomparing him to the character, the Chinese Communist Party was not amused and banned animation from the country.


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10 cartoons that were banned around the world

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