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The new series on Disney+, The Santas, offers a new Christmas animation for the whole family. However, sometimes an animated holiday special for adults is a nice change from the traditional Christmas clocks.

Even if the viewer does not like the dark humor of programs like south park and robot chickenthere are other shows like eureka and Hi Arnold who provide entertainment with their animated holiday specials. While Christmas movies are a staple in many homes, these episodes offer quick and heartwarming holiday fun. These Christmas specials are some of the best cartoon episodes for adults.

Christmas Story – Futurama

Season 2, Episode 4

There are quite a few Futurama Christmas episodes, but this one is a fan favorite. In it, a robot Santa Claus is programmed wrong, making him think that everyone in the world is on the naughty list. And if that’s not enough for a sour Christmas, this Santa Claus tries to exterminate everyone on the naughty list.

This murderous Santa comes as a shock to Fry, who has learned that Christmas has changed but has also remained pretty consistent over the past 1,000 years. This is an interesting watch not only for fans of this series, but also for those who like the concept of a futuristic Christmas holiday and a unique vision of Santa Claus.

Mr. Christmas Classic Hankey – South Park

Season 3, Episode 15

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This is not the highest rated south park Christmas episode, but it’s one of the fan favorite holiday specials. In this episode, Mr. Hankey, the host of the Christmas Poo. According to the only Jewish character in the series, Kyle, Hankey comes out of the bathroom and gives everyone gifts with a good amount of fiber in their diet.

Although this is a special holiday, it has many favorite aspects associated with it. south park Show. There are some disturbing Christmas carols sung by characters like Satan and Hitler, giving viewers the dark humor they appreciate in this far from innocent TV series.

A Beavis And Butt-Head Christmas – Beavis And Butt-Head

Season 6, Episode 7

Beavis and Butthead dress up as Santa Claus and a reindeer standing in the snow.

Beavis and Butt Head is one of the best cartoons for adults, and fans appreciate the quirky and humorous Christmas holiday episode. This two-part holiday special features Beavis dreaming of being a Scrooge. The second half is about Butt-Head having an encounter with a guardian angel who shows him what his life would be like without Beavis.

This is a fun watch for anyone who enjoys TV episodes that incorporate iconic Christmas stories. Using a variation on “A Christmas Story” and “It’s a Wonderful Life”, this episode of the pair utilizes all of the naughty, naughty humor that fans love about Beavis and Butt-Head.

Road to the North Pole – Family Guy

Season 9, Episode 7

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this episode of Family man features Brian and Stewie. After being let down by Santa at the mall, they travel to the North Pole to face the legend himself, where they come across some surprises and embark on an exciting adventure.

There are a few different watch options for Family man end of year specials, but this is the ideal option for Stewie and/or Brian fans. These two are always up to some wacky shenanigans and this episode is no different, but it manages to embody Santa Claus in a quirky way that is appropriate for the themes of the show.

Simpsons Roasting Over an Open Fire – The Simpsons

Season 1, Episode 1

Homer dressed as Santa Claus with Bart in Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire

In this first Christmas special from The Simpsons, as well as the first episode of the entire long-running series. In it, Homer experiences some financial difficulties during the holidays and decides to take a secret job as Santa Claus at the local mall so as not to disappoint his family.

Although this is not the best simpsons Christmas episode, is one of the most memorable. The animation is very different from what viewers see on the show today, as this episode kicked off this beloved series. Those who love this iconic series will revel in the episode that started it all and watch what turned out to be a remarkable Simpsons family Christmas.

A Very Special Family Guy – Freakin’ Christmas – Family Guy

Season 3, Episode 16

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this other Family man The Christmas special features the whole family as they get a little wacky during the holiday season. Notably, Lois loses her cool when she can’t find her Christmas cheer and Peter highlights his usual awkwardness when he can’t watch the KISS Christmas special.

Big fans of this series will appreciate how this episode highlights the entire Griffin family during their holiday traditions. This is a hilarious watch for those who enjoy mixing the usual personalities of their beloved characters intertwined with a twisted sense of Christmas spirit.

Dear Customer – Robot Chicken

Season 4, Episode 11

Santa Claus in Robot Chicken holding out his hands.

not normal robot chicken fashion, this episode features several skits relating to all the different Christmas stories. Some notable skits are those with Thor celebrating Christmas in Asgard and Little Drummer Goku playing a song towards the end.

This dark Christmas humor is one that many adults find amusing, but others find distasteful, so it’s only something to explore for those with some experience with it. robot chicken themes. As one of the darkest adult animated series around, it makes for an interesting watch for anyone who enjoys a little twisted comedy while on vacation.

A Huey Freeman Christmas – The Boondocks

Season 1, Episode 7

Huey sitting in his classroom with a Christmas tree behind him in The Boondocks Christmas special.

In that The Boondocks Christmas special, the two Freeman brothers run into trouble when Huey plans to portray a Black Jesus in the school’s Christmas play and Riley lashes out at the mall’s Santa Claus because of his hatred of Santa Claus, who he felt betrayed them in their hard times. .

For those unfamiliar with the adult animated series, The Boondocks is comparable to Bob’s Burgers with humor and similar themes. But while this episode has its share of laughs, it’s also a watchful watch for those interested in social commentary and exploring other cultural celebrations during the holiday season.

Do you see what I see? – Eureka

Season 4, Episode 21

Sheriff Jack Carter fighting a ninja snowman in the Eureka Christmas special.

On this special holiday of eureka, a magical wave transforms the townspeople into animated characters. This event disrupts Sheriff Carter and Allison’s plans to give their children a special holiday surprise.

This Christmas special has all the weirdness, science-based themes and humor associated with this SyFy series, but with an added taste of holiday spirit. This is an exciting watch for fans of real-life sci-fi shows who appreciate the quirky specials thrown into the series, like an episode where characters are transformed into two-dimensional cartoons.

Arnold’s Christmas – Hey Arnold!

Season 1, Episode 11

Helga, Arnold and Gerald Christmas shopping in Hey Arnold

Hi Arnold! it’s not technically an adult animated series, but it’s one of those fun shows for all ages. In this wholesome Christmas special, Arnold and his friends work to reunite Mr. Hyunh with his long-lost daughter, who he was separated from during the Vietnam war.

This isn’t as funny as other adult cartoons, but it has one of the most touching plotlines seen in an animated Christmas special. This installment of the beloved cartoon series makes a great watch for adults to get some wholesome Christmas entertainment, and it’s even a good watch for the whole family.

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