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Some films take the viewer on an emotional roller coaster. Through intense scenes and moving dialogue, fans often cannot hold back their tears for most of the film until a happy ending replaces the prolonged sadness with a big smile and, perhaps at times, tears of joy.

From award-winning films like The Shawshank Redemption to enjoyable yet extremely touching animated films like Inside Out, the big screen has rewarded fans with heartbreaking stories that end in happy endings, making every tear shed over the previous hours a breakdown.

10/10 Upside down

Directed by Pete Docter and released in 2015, the animated film featured the story of 11-year-old Riley. Riley’s emotions lived in her head and were depicted as emoji-like decision makers.

The story brought many viewers to tears about the journey Riley went through and the emotions she had to deal with after being forced to leave her hometown with her family. The best moment of the film, however, was finding out that Sadness made everything better alongside Joy. The pair worked together to convince Riley to return home, showing audiences that happiness and sadness can co-exist and need each other to balance human emotions.

9/10 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

The culmination of eight Harry Potter films was the final Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, in which Harry came face to face with Lord Voldemort and defeated him in the front yard of the school.

The happy ending, however, came after many losses seen throughout the film. No fan was left without tears at the death of Fred, George Weasley’s twin, or even the death of the wise Severus Snape, who finally revealed to Harry through a memory stored in a tear that he was protecting him. from the start because of Snape’s undying love for Harry’s mother, Lily. The film ultimately reminded viewers that Guardian Angels can be anyone.

8/10 Corpse Bride

Tim Burton’s film Corpse Bride and the beautiful portrayal of the animated characters he created alongside Carlos Grangel certainly brought audiences to tears throughout. The story followed Victor and Victoria’s pre-wedding adventure and the role of Emily’s corpse in the couple’s happily ever after.

Even though Victor and Victoria managed to get married at the end, the heartbreaking part of the movie was finding out that Emily was in love with Victor, but she had to kill him so he would always be with her. In the end, she decided otherwise and reminded the audience that sometimes sacrifices bring happy results.

7/10 Breakfast at Tiffany’s

One of Audrey Hepburn’s masterpieces and most-watched films, Breakfast At Tiffany’s tells the story of socialite Holly Golightly, who escaped love until love found her. thanks to author Paul Varjak.

The film had its ups and downs and plenty of cry-worthy scenes, including one where Holly heartlessly let go of her cat in the middle of a storm. Eventually, she went after the cat, found it, and reunited with the love of her life, Paul. Through tears of joy, audiences understand the benefits of letting down the walls when the real deal comes along.

6/10 Under The Tuscan Sun

A breath of fresh air in some of Italy’s most romantic and breathtaking landscapes, Under The Tuscan Sun depicted Frances’ emotional journey and her subsequent understanding of happiness.

The film was peppered with gorgeous views and mouth-watering food. However, there were heartbreaking scenes as well, like Frances finding out that Marcello was dating someone else. However, Under the Tuscan Sun turned the tale on its head with Frances playing matchmaker for her neighbor’s daughter and finding her love at their wedding. Happy ending believers look to this film with high hopes of finding their own.

5/10 Room

Winner of numerous awards, including the Best Actress Oscar for Brie Larson, and dubbed one of the best movies of 2015, Room was a drama about fearless mom Joy Newsome who saved her 5-year-old son, Jack, of a mugger named Old Nick, who had held them captured in a room for years.

The plot development took viewers on many different angles, from the mother-son duo’s escape to their struggle to readjust to reality. Tears were bound to flow at the scene of Jack’s fake death and Joy’s suicide attempt. However, the happy ending of their rehab to the real world has confirmed fans and raised hopes that new beginnings are never impossible.

4/10 Moonlight

The big coming-of-age film featuring people of color, 2016’s Moonlight, followed Chiron’s teenage and adult years, her struggles with identity and sexuality, and her falling in love with Kevin, her only love.

The movie didn’t shy away from looking heartbreaking, and one of the film’s happiest moments culminates midway through the film when Chiron reunited and reconciled with his drug addict mother, who apologized. for neglecting his son. Even the final scene of Kevin and Chiron together brought tears of joy to viewers’ eyes, cementing the idea that true love knows no time apart.

3/10 Manchester by the sea

Manchester By The Sea starred Casey Affleck as Lee Chandler, who cared for his teenage nephew after his brother died. They returned to the Chandlers’ childhood village and dealt with the grief and were able to move on.

The film was deep and complex, focusing heavily on the personal development of many characters, especially Lee. The intrigue finally allowed him to achieve inner peace. This, in turn, gave viewers hope that no pain is forever and no trauma is impossible to overcome.

2/10 The pursuit of happiness

The Pursuit Of Happyness is one of Will Smith’s finest films, and the fact that real father Smith and his son Jaden Christopher Syre Smith starred together made the story even more touching.

Economic hardship and consequent eviction left Chris Gardner and his son out of a home with no place to go. After getting an internship at a brokerage firm, Chris struggled to keep his son safe and nurtured until he finally got a full-time job with the company. Based on the true story of Gardner, who ended up owning his multi-million dollar business, the film was about the rewards of ambition and never giving up.

1/10 The Shawshank Redemption

The Shawshank Redemption depicted the friendship of two inmates navigating the difficulties of prison life and featured one of the happiest endings, one that generated many tears after the previous 142 minutes of difficult subject matter,

For over 20 years, Andy Dufresne and Red lived through the brutality of prison but also learned to adapt, fit in and even help the warden and other prisoners. Innocent of the crime for which he was imprisoned, Andy eventually escaped his cell and Shawshank Prison. The moral of the heartbreaking story? Perseverance pays.

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10 Heartbreaking Movies With Surprisingly Happy Endings | Pretty Reel

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