15 Christmas movies to watch this year

Enjoying good Christmas movies is a must in winter. Check out the 15 must-watch titles this holiday season.

1. Mom, I missed the plane a must for Christmas

The poster of the film Mom, I missed the plane Photo credit: Hughes Entertainment 20th Century Fox

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In the universe of the song, there is “All I want for Christmas is you” for Christmas. In the world of cinema, there is Mom I missed the plane », released in 1992. This achievement is above all one of the best movies favorite Christmas items, especially by children. Even adults don’t get tired of it, especially those who grew up with the film.

This film tells the adventures of a young boy, Kevin, played by Macaulay Culkin, forgotten in his house on holidays. The day before departure, he gets scolded and sleeps in the attic. In the morning, his family forgets him in the rush. Mom only realizes it on the plane. She will try to join him before the party while the young boy will protect his house against burglars.

2. In the footsteps of Santa Claus, one of the films not to be missed this year

In the footsteps of Santa Claus, official poster. Photo credit: Disney+

Over the years, this film has become essential for Christmas. It tells a Santa Claus story like no other. Scott Calvin, played by Tim Allen, finds himself in the skin of Santa Claus Despite him. The real Santa Claus fell from the roof in front of him and he found himself distributing the presents. From there, a fantastic adventure begins for Scott Allen.

This film is ideal to watch with the family. It is also very appreciated by the little ones being very catchy and funny at the same time.

3. Toy Race, a comedy film with Arnold Schwarzenegger

The toy race Photo credit: Allociné

It may come as a surprise, but Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn’t just play in action movies. The proof, the actor plays the role of an ordinary father searching for the perfect gift for her son Tommy. The latter wishes to have the trendy toy of the moment “Turbo Man”. Her father, a busy businessman, is too late. As a result, he could not find any in the stores. He is discouraged until he hears on the radio the possibility of winning one. A Turbo Man hunting party then begins.

4. The Holiday, a romantic Christmas comedy

Jacket from the romantic comedy The Holiday Photo credit: Netflix

There are also romantic comedy Christmas movies. One of the most popular titles is undoubtedly ” The Holiday by Nancy Meyers. This realization tells the story of Iris who learns of the marriage of the man she loves and Amanda, deceived by her companion. Without knowing each other, the two women decide to exchange their residences for the holidays. They do not know it yet, but they are going to meet their charming princes respectively. The movie “The Holiday” is perfect for slipping into the holiday spirit. In addition, he is played by renowned actors: Cameron Diaz, Jude Law, Kate Winslet and Jack Black.

5. Last Christmas, a romantic comedy to watch again

“Last Christmas”, an ideal Christmas film for romantics Photo credit: Netflix

In the genre romantic comedy, “Last Christmas” is suitable for sentimental people who appreciate the magic of Christmas. Kate, played by Emilia Clarke, is a young woman who works in a Christmas store. She hasn’t always made the right decisions in her life. As she is about to lose faith in life, she meets Tom, played by Henry Golding. The two protagonists will have to face different problems to know and appreciate each other.

6. The Nightmare Before Christmas, a classic animation

Jacket from the animated film The Nightmare Before Christmas Photo credit: Disney +

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a animated film different from the others. It is rather dark for a production for Christmas. However, this masterpiece is intriguing, because it goes far in its universe. In short, this film is about the story of the king of halloween country. Tired of his daily life and his routine, he decides to seize the spirit of Christmas which is more joyful to bring it to his kingdom.

This film, directed by Tim Burton, is recommended for children over 8 years old. It is better to take this into account before renting the DVD.

7. The Grinch, animated movie

Poster of the animated film The Grinch Photo credit: Disney +

If you need a fun animation to watch with your kids, The Grinch by Yarrow Cheney and Scott Mosier is a good choice. This film is both fun and intriguing.This animation also does not forget the magic of Christmas, even if initially the story is about the theft of his spirit. It all starts the day the Grinch learns that the Chous are going to celebrate Christmas even stronger than the previous year. Already, he can’t bear to be bothered every year because of this party. Now the celebration will be even more intense. He has no choice but to concoct a plan to stop her.

8. Princess of Chicago to watch on TV on Netflix

Poster of the movie Princess of Chicago or The Princess Switch Photo credit: $

Princess of Chicago or The Princess Switch in its original version is a good Christmas movie available on Netflix. He tells the story of a pastry chef and a princess which resemble each other like two drops of water. They meet and decide to exchange their lives for 48 hours. Between romantic encounter and suspense, a good cinematic moment awaits you with this romantic comedy. For information, the two women are played by Vanessa Hudgens, the former interpreter of Grabriella Montez in High School Musical.

9. Christmas at the Muppets, fantastic for getting into the holiday spirit

Christmas movie with the Muppets Photo credit: Disney+

Christmas at the muppets is a musical for children. He looks at himself in the evening with a good glass of milk and a good gingerbread. It features puppets inspired by “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens. The story centers on Scrooge, a selfish and avaricious old gentleman. He receives the visit of three Christmas ghosts whose mission is to make him listen to reason. Will they manage to change the old gentleman? That’s what you’ll find out in this movie starring great actors like Michael Caine and Steven Mackintosh.

10. Disney’s Frozen Adventures

Poster of the animated film Frozen Photo credit: Disney+

If you have a little girl, surely you have already seen Snow Queen from Disney at least once. Although you know it by heart, there is still one of the best cartoons to watch at Christmas. It is fun and full of suspense. Above all, this achievement is full of magic, which is highly appreciated by children.

This animation played by actors like Kristen Bell, Jack Whitehall, Noortje Herlaar, lasts 1h42. This gives you plenty of time to spend quality time with your family.

11. Love actually with an impressive cast

Poster of the film Love Actually Photo credit: Canal VoD

Love Actually tells in a single film everything that can happen in a couple. This production features several couples who meet during the holidays. Among them, a Prime Minister, played by Hugh Grant, is in love with his collaborator. Cuckold, a writer meets a Portuguese woman who pushes him to learn her language. They will meet, along with other couples, at the wedding of Juliet, Keira Knitley’s character. This film is pure pleasure to watch in the evening around a good hot chocolate.

12. Scrooge’s Funny Christmas, a movie to watch with the family

Poster of the animated film Scrooge’s Funny Christmas Photo credit: Allociné

In the genre Animation Film, Scrooge’s Funny Christmas is loved by adults and children alike for its story. Sir Scrooge is a rich and grumpy man. With age, he became worse hating everything, especially the Nativity feast. The day before, he receives disturbing visits. Three ghosts from the past, present and future guide him one by one on journeys intended to make him realize his mistake. Will it end up changing? This is what you will discover as a family by watching this animation whose main character is played by Jim Carrey.

13. Merry Christmas, Drama and History

Merry Christmas movie poster Photo credit: Allociné

The film ” Merry Christmas is to watch if you like productions based on real events. The story takes place during the World premiere. Times are hard. The end of year holidays are coming. During the festivity, the allied and enemy camps make a truce. The fighters meet to party. This story is proof that love and brotherhood are stronger than conflict. This film was directed by Christian Carion alongside actors such as Robert Carsen, Dany Boon and Diane Kruger.

14. Christmas falls on spurts

DVD Die Hard Crystal Trap Photo credit: Netflix

A novelty netflix with a spectacular return of Lindsay Lohan as the main character! This film is to be watched (and re-watched) before Christmas. It’s a comedy as we like them with passages that remind us of the cult films in which Lindsay Lohan played.

15. Very bad dads, a movie to watch with the family

Poster of the film Very Bad Dads Photo credit: Netflix

very bad dads is a film by Christmas like everyone loves them. It presents all the ingredients for a production: peaceful family, surprise encounter, duels and reconciliation. The story centers on a happy step-dad until the day when the real father of the children arrives without warning. The two men challenge each other to be the best person to take care of the children. This comedy lasting 1h36 will make young and old alike laugh. The main characters are played by Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg and Linda Cardellini.

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15 Christmas movies to watch this year

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