20 most beautiful animated Christmas gifs

Gifs are animated images that represent various scenes. Here are 20 of the most beautiful animated Christmas gifs.

The animated gif: a history of more than 30 years

Christmas decorations on a tree Credits: Maria Badaeva

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the gif is a animated picture. His goal is to create an emotion in the person looking at it. A gif can cause sadnessas he can represent lovebut above all assert humor. It is often accompanied by a small text which serves to illustrate the animated image. The gif can represent a flower or a scene of life. The creators of gifs are numerous, and are always present for new content throughout the year. Halloween, Easterand Christmas, all the parties pass there. Today, the gif is an integral part of our daily life. So much so that a string of gifs can be used and sent as text messages. The evolution of the gif has practically been made in relation to that of the Internet. Do you know that this animated image is over 30 years old ?

Currently the use of gif is so widespread in the world that nobody pays attention to it anymore. Whether it’s a wedding or a anniversarysending a small gif is a small token of attention. It is clear that receiving animated images is more pleasant than a small text that says “Happy birthday! “. It’s almost like a greeting card, but virtual, and, above all, free! This is possible thanks to advanced technological devices such as the smartphone or the tablet. But the popularity of the gif dates from the year of its birth: in 1986.

The gif is created by Steve Wilhite, employee at Compuserve. His boss asks him to create an animated image format. The file must be light and readable on all computers of the time. The year following the start of his project, Wilhite succeeded in creating the first GIF, an acronym for Graphic Intercharge Format. The very first gif depicts a plane. It is then widely used as a website decor.

The gif loses some of its notoriety from the beginning of the year 2000. It makes a strong comeback in 2012thanks to the enthusiasm of Internet users for social networksnotably Facebook and Twitter. In 2013, the gif enters the museum and is used by all those who have a technological device and the Internet.

Nowadays, the gif is a real internet symbol. It is practically impossible to open a website or a blog without being confronted with at least one gif.

20 of the most beautiful animated Christmas gifs

Snowman on snow background Credits: Zurijeta

There is at least one gif for every occasion. Christmas is a party that has not escaped those animated images that are now part of our lives. You want to spam your friends, co-workers or family with snow-filled gifs that say “Merry Christmas!” »? Here are 20 that will please youyou and your humor.

Christmas gif with cats

Two cats wearing Christmas hats Credits: Blingee

The cats are the darlings of the Internet. It is then impossible not to mention them among the best gifs of Christmas. In this one, the two cats each wear a leprechaun hat. Both are in a box and their cute faces can only make you melt.

The ball with the face of Christmas

Red Christmas bauble with a face Credits: Dentelledelune

The tree ball is one of the most important elements for a successful Christmas decoration. In this gif, a face is represented on a red deco ball. The expression on the ball’s face gives the impression that it is wishing us “Merry Christmas”, without making a single sound.

The lit candle

Lit red candle Credits: Dentelledelune

There exists a candle for every occasion. The candle is also widely used at Christmas to perfect the decoration. This is precisely the reason why this gif representing a burning candle was born.

Santa Claus on his sleigh


the Santa Claus is the main character of the end of the year. This character who uses magic is always represented as an old man with a beard, dressed in red and who carries the gifts of all the children of the world on his flying sleigh filled with magic, drawn by reindeers having benefited from the magic of the father Christmas.

On this gif, he is rather dressed in white, and seems to be spending a privileged moment with the animals of the forest. If you know someone who loves Christmas and animals, text them this gif.

The smiling tree

Smiling Christmas tree surrounded by garlands Credits:

A Christmas decoration cannot exist without Christmas tree. This gif represents a humanized fir tree, surrounded by luminous garlands and which sports a wide smile. This gif is to be sent to friends who still haven’t put up their tree, although they’ve already been talking about it since the end of Christmas last year. The gif can therefore be used as a “reminder”, an invitation to remind you of the essential things in life.

Decorate the family tree

Decorating the Christmas tree is a family activity. And if you have small children, tradition dictates that it is the youngest who drops off thestar on top of the tree. Something that reminds us of this gif where a baby is worn to complete the decoration of the tree by putting the final touch on it: the star.

The snowman and a dog


Christmas cannot be Christmas without snowman. This emblematic character of this very special period is none other than a humanoid being made of snow, ultimately as its name suggests. In our childhood, we all had fun making one as soon as the first flakes fell on the ground. Even today, the snowman is present every year.

The snowman’s arms are always made of tree branches. That’s why the little sparrows in this gif have decided to perch there.

The snowy pine path


The gif does not necessarily represent a character, as this one shows. Indeed, this gif represents a countryside of snowy countryside. This is a path on the edge of which are fir trees. And to make Christmas well represented, animated snowflakes descend from the sky.

The cottage in the snow

Small snowy landscape Credits: Gitti

The country landscapes are usually those depicted in Christmas scenes. They have the advantage of being warm and conveying the spirit of this celebration to perfection. This gif represents a snowy cottagelike an ephemeral house placed in the middle of the countryside.

Santa Claus and his sled dogs

Santa and his sled dogs Credits: Ninibon

If the sleigh Santa Claus is usually pulled by reindeerthis gif shows a sled pulled by dogs. Which ultimately seems more logical, since dogs are the animals used by the inhabitants of the North Pole to pull their sleds. And it is well known, Santa Claus is from the North Pole. Nevertheless, his Inuit ancestry is yet to be proven.

The little snowy house

House in the snow Credits: My

Again, the Villa is the star of this Christmas gif. This time, it is represented from the front, like a real invitation to enter to spend New Year’s Eve with its inhabitants.

Christmas characters


When the christmas characters are all present, this results in a gif like this. The main figure is the small Santa, the very icon of this oh so popular festival. We then have the snowman. And finally, the little elf. This character is usually responsible for making the toys that Santa Claus has to distribute around the world on Christmas Eve. The elf here present still seems very young.

Santa Claus in his magic sleigh


the Santa Claus couldn’t complete his round-the-world trip in one night without his magic sleigh pulled by reindeer, just as magical. Flying and twirling through the starry Christmas night sky, Santa’s sleigh is surely the most efficient form of transportation in history.

balls and holly


the holly is the most representative plant of Christmas. It is normal that it is represented through this gif, and surrounded by another iconic decorative element of Christmas, the fir tree balls.

Christmas fireworks


Fireworks with “Merry Christmas” in the foreground Credits: auroralabs

The fireworks are not reserved for the national holiday. Indeed, it is not uncommon to see them during the Christmas party. All over the world, fireworks represent joy and cheerfulness. That’s exactly what this gif shows with the large “Merry Christmas” written on it.

The sparkling balls


Christmas is the feast of sequins. These little light elements are twinkling, shining, and contribute greatly to the magic of Christmas.

The big decorated Christmas tree


Large Christmas tree, 2 doves and a mouse Credits: Sam Fang

More the fir is bigger, the more majestic it is. And the more it is decorated, the more the Christmas spirit shows through.

Santa Claus toy


A little humor with this gif which represents Santa Claus in the process of move your pelvis. Surely this is not the toy you want to give your child, but it is still funny and entertaining. A gif not to be taken at face value !

happy snowmen


The snowman are once again the stars of this gif. Here they are happy and pranksters.

Reindeer dancing with Santa Claus and a snowman


Animations tend to humanize them animals. And those who are most famous during the Christmas period are surely the reindeer. So why don’t they dance with Santa Claus?

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20 most beautiful animated Christmas gifs

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