4 animated series and movies to stream in December 2022

Image from: Lupine the Third vs. Detective Conan: The Motion Picture

Between Amazon Prime Videos, Netflix, VVVVID, Crunchyroll and Disney +, the offer of animated films and series in Italy is now quite large. To help enthusiasts or the simple curious find their way around and not miss out on the products of the moment, we therefore offer a small monthly guide. Our reports include both absolute novelties, with series made available in binge-watching or simulcast (ie simultaneously with the Japanese release of each episode), and recoveries of particularly important or loved works from the past.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (season 5 – episodes 25 – 38)
From 1 December

The adaptation of the sixth part of the manga continues JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure by Hirohiko Arakientitled Stone Oceanwhich stars Jolyne Kujo, the granddaughter of Jotaro Kuro, the protagonist of third series of JoJo.

We are in the United States and Jolyne Kujo has fallen victim to a conspiracy hatched by an old ally of Dio Brando, thus ending up in prison with a murder conviction. The first episode of this new block kicks off after the girl’s escape.

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The Amazing World of Gumball (season 1)
December 1st
Amazon Prime Videos

The first 18 episodes of the Cartoon Network animated series created in 2011 by Ben Bocquelet and directed by Mic Graves, which thanks also to a very colorful and very pop aesthetic has established itself as one of the coolest products in the world of animation aimed at a young audience.

The show revolves around Gumball Watterson, a twelve-year-old anthropomorphic cat and his best friend and adoptive brother Darwin, an anthropomorphic goldfish. The two attend middle school in the fictional town of Elmore and often find themselves involved in daring adventures.

Lupine the Third vs Detective Conan: The Movie
From 31 December
Amazon Prime Videos

The 2013 film crossover between the famous gentleman thief created by the mangaka Monkey Punch in 1967 and the young detective Conan, protagonist of the homonymous manga by Gosho Aoyama. The 2009 TV special is also arriving on the platform on the same day Lupine the Third vs Detective Conanof which this film is the sequel.

The story revolves around a precious stone called Cherry Sapphire, which Lupine is forced to steal following a blackmail of which he is the victim. Conan Edogawa, the formidable detective stuck in a child’s body, will come forward to catch him.

Detective Conan: Episode One – The Great Detective Turned Small
From 31 December
Amazon Prime Videos

It is a 2016 television special that re-tells the origins of the very young detective created by the Japanese cartoonist Gosho Aoyama. Being a revised and expanded version of the first and part of the second episode of the animated series inspired by the manga Detective Conanthe feature film is to be considered as an excellent introduction to what is in fact one of the most popular and successful franchises of Japanese animation.

Aoyama’s manga (published in Italy by Star Comics) stars Shinichi Kudo, a boy capable of solving any puzzle or murder case, who one day is captured and forced to drink a strange medicine that transforms him into an elementary school child. Since then Conan has not stopped dealing with heinous crimes and will continue to investigate by solving numerous cases in collaboration with the police.

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4 animated series and movies to stream in December 2022

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