5 benefits of an animation video for your company

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We live in a time when half the world watches one or more videos on a laptop or phone every day. Whether this is via social media, YouTube or, for example, in a Whatsapp group, we all participate. Videos and images simply score well. This is one of the biggest reasons that companies nowadays often use a corporate film. A company can be represented perfectly in this, while all the ins and outs come to the fore. One option in developing a company is to use animations. A very attractive choice, which comes with numerous advantages. In this article we will go into this in more detail and tell you on the basis of 5 advantages why using an animation video is so useful for your company.

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What is an animation video?

First things first! Let’s first explain what an animation video is exactly. An animation video is a series of digital drawings that are eventually put together in frames. These are then presented as film images. In this way it seems as if the shapes seem to move. This is how the animation video was born. A very useful tool to make your company stand out. By the way, having an animation video developed is something that is best outsourced to a company like Dark Media.

1. Everything in viewThe biggest advantage of animation is that you can really create anything you want. Whether this is a dream or a vision of the future, you can think of it so crazy and it is possible. Especially for showing things that do not yet officially exist or are realistic, making an animation video is perfect. Think of new machines or, for example, a specific app.

2. The little detailsAnother advantage of an animation video is that you can bring out all the small details. However small or large a certain feature or specification of a product may be, you can highlight everything in the animation video. For example, it is possible to go through the smallest openings and you can zoom in on any aspect. The great thing about this is that you can even bring things to light that you can’t actually see at all. What about electricity, for example? Because you can make these kinds of things visible, it is easy to perfectly display the functioning of a certain product.

3. No Unwanted Talking SessionsIn a movie for companies, there is often a lot of talk, without going directly into a specific product. The advantage of an animation video is that little spoken text is needed. You can display almost everything about the product through images. The good thing about this is that you can save time. Time that the average viewer doesn’t even take to watch a video of about a minute. In short, an animation video is the perfect way to visually convey a message.

4. Your own styleYou can have an animation video made completely in your own house style. The great thing about such a video is that you can easily apply all the colors and characteristics of your company. For example, you can easily make the logo appear several times or have it appear in a certain way. In addition, you can always play with the colors, so that people may immediately think of your company when they see those colors.

5. Making complicated things simpleSometimes it is very difficult to explain something complicated in a simple way. It is searching for the right words, after which the question is whether it is clear after this. Using animation, you can easily explain even the most complex information about devices and machines. The aforementioned example with electricity is a perfect example of this. Explain that a machine only works if cable x and cable y have to be connected in a certain way. By putting this in an animation, the average Dutch person understands much faster what is actually meant.

An animation video: the way to success!After reading this article you will be fully aware of the biggest benefits of an animation video for your company. With an animation video you can do just that little bit more, without unnecessary and unclear information being spread. People like images and short messages. Certainly to prevent potential customers from dropping out sooner, having an animation video made for your company may be the shortest way to success!

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5 benefits of an animation video for your company

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