8 stop-motion animated films that are real gems and you can watch them in streaming

Stop-motion animation (“volume animation” in Spanish) is one of the most time-consuming films to make due to its elaborate production process. Animate your characters frame by frame, using real dolls takes time and the effort is not always received in the best way at the box office. We are going to rescue some of the most remarkable films that this cinema has given us, authentic jewels for both adults and the whole familywhich you can see in streaming.

‘Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Vegetables’

One of the flagship works of the Aardman study (which has brought us genius such as the two films of ‘Shaun the Sheep’ or the nice ‘Caveman’). Distributed by DreamWorks, this story was born as a result of some short films starring the aforementioned Wallace and Gromit. The clueless inventor and his dog work as pest exterminators in the town of Tottington, until one of Wallace’s inventions goes wrong.

Ideal for the whole family, thanks to its witty and approachable sense of humorwhat includes many movie references to the supernatural and laboratory monster genre.

‘Corpse Bride’

Stop Motion Corpse Bride

Among the films directed by Tim BurtonProbably one of the most outstanding is this “death” comedy about a young man who doesn’t want to marry for convenience and accidentally ends up engaged to a living dead woman. endearing and funfull of puns and peppered with humor creepy (reminding us of the best moments of ‘The Addams Family’ either ‘The Monster Family’) and with a repertoire of very catchy songs.

‘Isle of Dogs’

Stop Motion Isle Of Dogs

already with ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ wes anderson it showed that it could make adult animated films, at the same time accessible to children. This dystopian story tells us how, when the government decides to exile all dogs to a landfill, a boy sets out on an adventure to retrieve his lost pet.

Perfectly blending verbal humor and slapstick, Anderson get excited with this original film, which has a simply amazing animation.

‘Mr. Link’

Stop Motion Mr Link

In the absence of any platform rescuing the films of the Laika Studios (don’t miss ‘Kubo and the two magic strings’ either ‘The amazing world of Norman’both for rent on Apple TV), this is the only one from the studio that we can currently see streaming.

A nice and entertaining adventure about a myth researcher who goes in search of the missing link and who believes he has found it in a strange being with whom he will strike up an unexpected friendship. Simple and effective, its wonderful animation especially shines.

‘The Life of Zucchini’

Stop Motion Zucchini Life

This fantastic film can shock at first because of its approach, which starts with the protagonist child facing the death of his mother and being sent to an orphanage. However, it is a great example of children’s story that takes its audience seriously and respects their ability to understand complex issues like loss and loneliness.

Note the hand of Céline Sciamma (‘Portrait of a Woman on Fire’) in a hyphen where it ends prevailing optimism and hope.

‘Chicken Run: Escape on the farm’

Stop Motion Chicken Run

Although we have already mentioned ‘Wallace & Gromit’, we cannot stop recommending this other great film from the Aardman studio: a group of chickens discover their fateful future and decide to escape from their farm with the help of a newly arrived rooster… will teach them to fly? Full of clever and hilarious dialogue, hilarious characters, fast pace… An essential comedy.

‘James and the Giant Peach’

stop motion james

Henry Selick is the director of the great ‘The worlds of Coraline’ Y ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ (and not Tim Burton, although much of his creation is to his credit) and his work is short but remarkable. waiting for it to arrive ‘Wendell & Wild’ to Netflix, you can take a look at this charming musical adapting Roald Dahl’s imaginative novelabout an orphan who finds his new family in the bugs that live inside a giant peach.


Stop Motion Anomaly

A real gem of adult animation It didn’t get the recognition it deserved. Directed by charlie kaufman (which has got us used to proposals as disconcerting as ‘I’m thinking of quitting’ or ‘Synecdoche, New York’), here he tells us about the monotonous life of a man to whom all voices sound the same… until he hears the voice of the only girl who sounds different to him. Original, somewhat crazy and with a lot of sensitivity.

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8 stop-motion animated films that are real gems and you can watch them in streaming

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