A Colombian animated film wins the Zinebi Grand Prize

It has been eight days of intense cinema and 148 movies viewedbut The Bilbao International Documentary and Short Film Festival has come to its end todayno. D.uring the closing gala held this afternoon in the arriaga the awards will be delivered, which have been unveiled this morning during the palmares reading por part of the jury. Thus, the ZINEBI Grand Prize of the Official Section is for the Colombian animated film ‘All my scars fade in the wind’, directed by Angélica Restrepo and Carlos Velandia. A story that “addresses the relationship with my mother, a journey through painful memories that fade with time, until they are healed”, explained Angélica Restrepo, who together with Carlos Velandia were present this morning at the reading of the palmares

The jury has highlighted this short film “the way in which it allows the viewer to travel through time, space and the sound of the landscapes of memory and its originality when it comes to telling the story”. “We wanted to show other types of possibilities for creating images based on the idea of ​​what would happen if we did not use a physical camera in the process. We decided to do scans of huge spaces both inside and out, and from there, we went through a process of layering upon layers to see what happened with the interaction of those particles. We find sounds like the wind, how hostile, fascinating spaces can be,” explains Carlos Velandia.

The film is a journey through painful memories that fade over time”

Angélica Restrepo – Zinebi Grand Prize

The jury has also decided to award the Grand Prize for Best Basque Short Film for a documentary produced at the Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola in Donostia. ‘Wild flowers’, by the Croatian Karla Crncevic, has won the award for her courageous and honest questioning of memory. As this filmmaker explained a few days ago, “my short film is based on an experience I had with my father. He used the camera only once in his life. Thirty years later, he asked me to digitize the material he had filmed. So I considered myself what he remembered. Created from an impulse to rethink and revisit personal archival material, the work explores memory and its relationship to documentation and non-institutional archival practices.”

The other great prize of the Bilbao festival, the one of the best spanish short filmhas been awarded to the documentary ‘Olores’ by Alba Esquinas “a round piece, in which brutality and tenderness go hand in hand, in a film that shines for a precise use of resources”.

They have also been recognized the Franco-German co-production ‘Backflip’ by Nikita Diakuwith the award for best fiction short film; Spanish-Brazilian production ‘Searching Heleny’by Esther Vital García as best animated short and the Serbo-Slovenian co-production ‘Ball’by Gorana Jovanovic, as best documentary film.

Furthermore, it is the second year that ZINEBI chooses a short film candidate for the European Film Academy Awards and has opted for the German animated film ‘Zoon’‘, by Jonathan Schwenk.

“The festivals are key links for the industry and the diffusion of independent cinema, in this case of the best documentary films, short films and debut films. In this edition we have opted for a completely face-to-face festival and thus encourage a return to the cinema after these two years that have been very hard”, explained Vanesa Fernández, director of ZINEBI. “In this edition, which has been very open and varied, we have enjoyed 148 films for all tastes, for moviegoers, professionals, for the general public and also for young people and children. It has been a fan of the best international cinema without forgetting the most important proposals of Basque cinema. The festival has been supporting and making Basque creation visible for years and for this it has close links with all the main institutions, proof of this is that this year ZINEBI has once again had the collaboration of the Arriaga Theatre, the Guggenheim, Fine Arts, Azkuna Zentroa, Sala BBK, Bilborock and Zineclub FAS”, according to the head of this festival, which It already has dates for 2023. It will be held from November 10 to 17.

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A Colombian animated film wins the Zinebi Grand Prize

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