A Puerto Rican artist breaks the mold by including digital animation in her videos

San Juan, 5 sep. Puerto Rican urban singer Amber Yezel incorporates digital animation into the music videos she directs, with which she has won several awards, her professional goal being to promote more projects with this artistic technique.

His mission is, as he said in an interview with Efe, to expand the audiovisual limits by creating a “visual symphony” in which music plays an important role by integrating digital animation, combining two powerful platforms: music and cinema.

“One of my goals as an artist is to be able to unite the audiovisual world with animation and make this art part of history,” explained Amber Yezel Peña Estrada, the first name of this 25-year-old performer.

“Since I was little, music has always told me stories. When I listen to a song, I see colors, feelings, characters and worlds. It’s like a movie that happens only inside my mind,” she said.

It was his father who instilled music in him playing guitar and piano. His first song, whose title he does not remember, was composed when he was 12 years old, although he did remember that his second song was called “Mariposas”.


Yezel studied cinematography at the Universidad del Sagrado Corazón in San Juan because, according to her account, she was always “very passionate about the visual arts.”

After completing his university studies, the covid-19 pandemic and confinement at home for months began, which nevertheless gave him the opportunity to reconnect with his artistic creativity and compose his new song “Miau”.

While he was composing “Miau”, animated images came to mind, which he first drew in pencil and then captured on an Ipad to create his first digitally animated character: La Felina.

“The music always comes before the visual; the song goes first and then I tell the animated story. The music and the visual are the things that fill me the most as an artist,” he stressed.

After creating La Felina, he began to visit some animation studios so that they would give him the opportunity to work with a team of people who believed in his vision as an independent artist to carry out what he had in mind.

Finally, that opportunity came in 2021, with the Apus animation studio, made up of a group of young people just as passionate about art as she was.


“It was a very visionary project. And when I met the studio, they helped me to give that vision and give life and color to La Felina,” he stressed.

“With La Felina the opportunity for more musical opportunities was born, to compose and make more art than I am doing,” he said.

The music video for “Miau” has achieved international recognition by winning several awards, including Best Music Video at the “Paris Art And Movie Awards”.

She was also awarded in New York, is currently a semi-finalist at the Los Angeles Film Awards and is competing for the “International Music Video Awards” in Hungary.

To produce the videos, Amber Yezel uses a video camera and 2D animation.

The next song and music video to be released by the artist will now be in September, and another character named “Serpent” will appear.

“I always say that my art is my gift to the world. I feel like that’s what I came here to do. I’ve been a participant and I’ve seen how music saves lives, because you listen to a song and you feel good, and if you feel anxiety , you watch a video and it clears your mind,” he reflected.

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A Puerto Rican artist breaks the mold by including digital animation in her videos

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