After Vinlang Saga, this new anime worthy of Nausicaä by Hayao Miyazaki is very promising

Earlier in the week, we revealed that Makoto Shinkai’s new anime film, titled susume, was a real hit in Japan, so much so that it is now one of the ten highest-grossing animated films in the country. And while French fans will have to wait until next April to be able to watch it in our dark rooms thanks to Crunchyrollthe streaming platform dedicated to anime recently started broadcasting a whole new Seriewhich also transports us to a world as mysterious as it is fascinating.

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the promising debut of kaina of the great snow sea

Almost a year ago, we introduced you to this promising new anime that Crunchyroll had just unveiled, namely Kaina of the Great Snow Sea (Oyukiumi no Kaina in OV). A new anime that offers us an original story by Tsutomu Niheia mangaka known in particular for BLAME!or Knights of Sidonia.

The anime is produced by Polygon Picturesand thus marks the 40th anniversary of the Japanese animation studio, to which we owe, among other things, the adaptations of Knights of Sidonia, Ajin or Drifting Dragons. The project is precisely directed by Hiroaki Andoalready present on the adaptation ofAjinand that we could find more recently on the anime Listeners from the MAPPA studio.

anime Kaina of the Great Sea Snow made its debut on Crunchyroll on January 11, 2023, and thus allows us to discover a mysterious world, which seems to bathe as much in fantasy as in science fiction. Here is the official synopsis that can be found on Crunchyroll :

The world is shrouded in an endless ocean of snow that keeps growing. Humans lead their lives either curled up against the roots of giant trees on the surface or high up in the canopy that spans the planet’s atmosphere. An unexpected encounter between a young man from the canopy, Kaina, and a young woman from the surface, Liliha, will trigger a chain of events that will change the fate of the world.

Polygon Pictures Announces Ooyukiumi no Kaina Project

And in the first episode, we can actually see that Kaina, the protagonist, lives almost cut off from the world at the top of the canopy, in the company of the few humans who have survived. But the introduction of Liliha also shows us that there is a very different world below Kaina, where we can see warships mingling with strange creatures. This new project seems to want to plunge us into a post-apocalyptic science fantasy world.which is reminiscent of one of the animated films of the famous director Hayao Miyazaki, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (1984).

And while the anime has only just begun, fans learned last week via Crunchyroll that Kaina of the Great Snow Sea will be entitled to a sequel film, with a sequel that would already be in the cinema.

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After Vinlang Saga, this new anime worthy of Nausicaä by Hayao Miyazaki is very promising

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