Agen. Manon Tacconi offers herself a ticket to animated films

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Barely three months ago, Manon Tacconi, a 24-year-old from Agenaise, completed her graduation project: an animated film. “Mouth in heart”, to discover absolutely on Arte.

The movie theater. She decided to dedicate her life to it from the first ticket purchased at the x Montreurs d’Images in Agen, many years ago. At 24, Manon Tacconi, from Agen, has just made her last animated film as a student: “Bouche en cœur”. A short film of 4 minutes 30. A real nugget.

A committed film

In this film, she tackles a burning, societal and topical theme: how to free speech after an attack. This problem materializes through two female characters, two girlfriends, Jess and Alana. They are young, peps and do not have their tongue in their pocket. But one of them is sexually assaulted. It’s a shock, a trauma. Throughout the film, the two friends will try to talk about it, to verbalize it, but with difficulty.

According to a survey carried out by Le Figaro and FranceInfo in 2017, 1 in 2 women has already suffered sexual violence in France. A frightening observation that unfortunately speaks to everyone. An observation made by Manon and on several occasions. “During a music festival, I extricated a friend from a certain attack in extremis. We never talked about it when it was very serious. Years later, she sent me a message to tell me thank you for intervening that day” and adds “last summer my little sister told me something terrible. One of her friends was raped at a party, in a familiar place, by someone who was familiar to him”. Manon depicts this violence but also mutual aid in image, without darkness or dramatization. “It’s a joyful and hopeful film,” she explains.

The circle is complete

Like Jess and Alana, the two characters in her film, Manon also does not have her tongue in her pocket. She has the niaque. Because making animated films is a bit of an obstacle course. Since high school, Manon has wanted to make films. She remembers those moments spent at xMontreur sd’Images, the arthouse cinema in Agen, with her friends. They had coffees, reviewed their baccalaureate, discussed. “It was my ter-ter. I was there almost every day. We often went to see movies without even knowing what it was”. Passionate, Manon gets involved in the life of this cinema and also becomes one of the youngest members of the youth commission. Its mission: to bring young people back to the cinema by organizing events and themed evenings. She remembers the memorable Halloween evening during which screenings dragged on until late at night. Her particular link with the Montreurs d’Images was not broken when Manon, after her baccalaureate, joined an animation preparation course in Paris or when she returned to her dream school, the EMCA in Angoulême. During these years in the Angoumoisine school, Manon carried out dozens of projects, including one which, by the greatest chance, will bring her back to her home in Agen. “My school organized a workshop with the final year class L plastic art option from Bernard Palissy high school, which was mine at the time. I was so surprised and happy at the same time. I directly positioned myself to participate” . Together they made a film about “what it was like growing up in a small town”. A touching film that leaves no native of the city of Jasmin indifferent. Once finished, the film was screened at Les Montreurs d’Images. The circle is complete.

A clear path

After two years in a school specializing in the production of animated films, La Poudrière, Manon finished her studies. She is now entering this kind of “floating period”, in an in-between age where everything is vague and uncertain. But one thing is certain: Manon has talent and nothing will stop her. She is already making a new film for Arte and perhaps, soon, a series in which we can find Jess and Alana.

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Agen. Manon Tacconi offers herself a ticket to animated films

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