Albina Mukhametzyanova: “There are many BRIGHT premieres waiting for you!”

The animation company YARKO entered the market in 2021. Today, the company’s brand portfolio includes more than 15 projects for a wide family audience, which are at different stages of production. YARKO implements a unique approach to creating animated content and a full cycle of project production: from the birth of an idea to project implementation, distribution and licensing, marketing and PR promotion.

Albina Mukhametzyanova, General Director, General Producer of the YARKO animation company, spoke about the studio’s plans for the near future.

– Albina, the YARKO company has existed for only 1.5 years, but has already released a number of projects. Tell our readers about them.

– This year we have produced two new series – “Sport Tosha” (based on the idea of ​​Oleg Roy) and “Team MATCH” commissioned by the National Sports TV Channel. They can be viewed on all major video hosting sites, online cinemas and video showcases. Our projects are also broadcast on Match TV and SuperHeroes TV channels.

In addition to commercial animation, this year we released two animation projects dedicated to the 350th anniversary of the birth of Peter I. The series “Ladder of Knowledge: Mastery” (created jointly with RUTUBE) and “Peter I. Facts and Myths” (developed by order of RTV) . These series will become a bridge for children to the world of new knowledge, professions and a “window” into the era of Peter the Great. Unobtrusively, through heroes and fascinating stories, children study the history of Russia, expanding their horizons.

– Have your projects also been released to the big screen?

– Yes, in November there was a premiere of our cinema project – “YARKO in Cinema” – a great option for a family holiday. The first collection includes animated series of our production “Team MATCH”, as well as projects “Awesome delivery!” and “Drakoshia” (distributor – “Central Partnership”). There is a desire to continue this project, we will focus on our audience.

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– What are the main features of YARKO animation projects?

– First of all, our animation projects combine bright semantic stories with an entertaining message. Our goal is to make entertainment also useful, so that along with the game and fun adventures in the animated universes, the child receives new knowledge and guidelines. For example, the animated series “Sports Tosha” involves children in sports through game content, helps parents raise their children strong and healthy. It is also important for us to create projects that will become a motivator for the revival of the traditions of family viewing.

Another feature is the product approach. We have decided for ourselves that all creative ideas will begin with research and be thoroughly tested before entering the market. Already at the idea stage, we understand how our heroes will get into the nursery – to our viewers. We conduct research, both standard and more in-depth, with a focus on children’s culture, in order to speak the same language with our audience. Thanks to this, brands are created in accordance with the needs of the audience and the business objectives of partners. This is our main approach to work.

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– What does YARKO offer players in the children’s goods industry?

– Our portfolio of animation brands is designed for children from 0 to 12 years old, as well as for families. For each category of licensed goods and age of consumers, we try to offer the most suitable licensing program, which includes popular characters for use in licensed products, extensive b2b and b2c marketing support, promotional programs in retail and an individual approach to cooperation.

YARKO is a part of Gazprom-Media Holding, so we have a unique opportunity to use the resources and support of the holding’s assets to further promote our brands. In November 2022, we launched a large-scale project together with the editors of the website called “Bright Childhood”. It contains useful and relevant information about the upbringing, development and health of children. Integration of licensed goods is also planned. The audience of the site is huge! It is 15 million unique visitors per month.

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– Share your nearest plans.

– Soon we will present the audience with three new series – “Drakoshia”, “Awesome delivery!” and Ticabo.

In the meantime, we are starting a bright December time – the time of the New Year holidays. We are preparing various surprises for our audience – musical, content, entertainment. I will not disclose them yet, but I promise that we will delight, amuse and create a magical mood.

As for the plans in general, our main task is to ensure the uninterrupted production of projects and their access to a wide audience. Now in our portfolio there are more than 15 multi-genre and multi-format projects at different stages of production. The team and I deliberately create series for different target audiences in order to reach the largest possible number of viewers and avoid internal competition.

A lot of BRIGHT premieres are waiting for you!

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Albina Mukhametzyanova: “There are many BRIGHT premieres waiting for you!”

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