All death animations from The Callisto Protocol

There’s nothing like a gruesome scene depicting the death of a protagonist to give us goosebumps, and all. The death animations of the Callisto Protocol turn that up to 11. Even before release, Striking Distance Studios’ debut game had people spellbound and waiting to see all the gory deaths Jacob will endure in the game.

When you’re not looking for the secret rooms of The Callisto Protocol, which we can help you find, you’ll be fighting a variety of terrifying monsters that will have you hiding behind your pillows. Fortunately, the best upgrades to The Callisto Protocol can keep you from meeting an untimely death, and for those who died less than us, we’ve got the death animations in The Callisto Protocol below for you to check out.

The death animations of the Callisto Protocol

The Callisto Protocol has at least 28 death animations and they are all unique to the different settings and enemies in The Callisto Protocol chapters.. You might not see all of them unless you deliberately have Black Iron Prison’s monstrous residents kill Jacob, but luckily, we’ll outline some of the most prominent ones below, accompanied by a video of them all.

One of the first death animations you may witness is that of a simple grumpy enemy. If they do enough damage to Jacob, they will tackle him and poke his thumbs into his eyeballs, driving them into his brain. However, it’s not just the enemies that will deliver these gruesome scenes, with simple environmental factors like fans decapitating Jacob’s head.

In the icy breeze of the Lost chapter, Jacob will be up against some nasty mutant enemies, one of which will rip off half of his face, leaving his tongue and lower jaw visible as he falls to the ground. In the same chapter, a nasty creature with tendrils in its mouth will grab you, requiring you to push a button to escape death, but if you miss, its tendrils will poke through all the holes in Jacob’s face, rather gruesomely.

We think we found them all while playing the game, but we’ll be sure to update this article with a new issue if there are any animations we missed. You can see a video with some of those animations below’rear seat guides‘.

If all the death animations in The Callisto Protocol aren’t reason enough to play it again, perhaps finding collectibles like The Callisto Protocol Implants is a better reason. However, if you still have a few chapters of the game left, you may be wondering what the length of the Callisto Protocol is and how long it takes to beat and therefore how far you are from the endgame. Our The Callisto Protocol tutorial also has more guides to help you out.

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All death animations from The Callisto Protocol

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