Almost 80 days to promote the new Bernabéu: from the Metro station to the entertainment stands

The dispute of the World Cup in Qatar plays in favor of the works of the Santiago Bernabéu. The 79 days that will elapse between Real Madrid-Cádiz on November 10 and Real Madrid-Real Sociedad on January 29 are precious time to promote the improvement of the lawn, the enveloping skin of the enclosure or the final location of the animation stands. A choral work that is progressing as planned and to which an ambitious challenge will be added: the new subway station Santiago Bernabeu.

Metro Santiago Bernabeu

The starting signal for the subway reform will take place at the end of 2023, but we already know the presentation and details of the project from Florentino Pérez and the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso. The main objective is “expand your ability to respond to a greater influx of users”. And it is that, according to the data handled by the club and the Madrid Government last year “more than 2,300,000 travelers passed through this station.” In this way, one of the requests most demanded by neighbors and Merengue fans in the last five years will be undertaken: solve the overcrowding in the subsoil of the area game days.

As the white president has revealed, the Metro stop will be “modern, fully accessible and adapted to the latest technologies”. The decided design will also incorporate “an immersive theming linked to Real Madrid.” A kind of appetizer that will warn the visitor of what is to come when they go up the escalators and come face to face with the new Bernabéu.

Aspect that the Santiago Bernabéu will have once the reform is finished. | real Madrid

Furthermore, as Florentino presumes, will have a level of connection unknown to date: «The station will be connected with the AVE and with the airport. It will be the gateway for millions of people, from all over the world, to an environment that has become an avant-garde icon and a benchmark for leisure and entertainment in Madrid and in Europe”. This is precisely the most powerful point of the new Santiago Bernabéu stadium as a whole: “To become a symbol of the city and of a universal region”, as Isabel Díaz Ayuso said excitedly.

The skin, the grass and the animation stand

While this new Santiago Bernabéu Metro station is being planned, work on the Madrid venue continues at a good pace. The most immediate and obvious is the achievement of the new enveloping skin. From THE OBJECTIVE we have contacted the audiovisual producer Javier Caireta, famous for his 3D recreations of the desired merengue temple.

haircut, that investigates every detail, tells us about the deadlines: «The final firecracker begins. At the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023, the characteristic wraparound skin will be ready, which is made up of slats of a type of stainless steel known as flax en bos.” This means that for the match against Real Sociedad the stadium will be ready from the outsideas they showed us in the models.

At the same time, work is done on the lawn. The element that, surprisingly, is causing the most problems: «The gardeners’ plan is to resurrect green. They are going to try to get it back this month. If they don’t make it, they’re going to change it.” If it had to be replaced, it would be the third mat so far this season: “The first, which they brought from Cáceres, was affected by a fungus and the second, which came from Arévalo, did not have the right quality, so they probably have to look for a third option.” Javier Caireta assures me that the famous retractable grass trays have nothing to do with the succession of problems: «It is an urban legend. All the gardeners I have consulted rule out that it is the fault of the plates that rest in the hypogeum ».

Lastly, Caireta spoke to me excited about the news in the south bottom. Every good Real Madrid fan knows that the Real Madrid Fan Stand is located there: “To date, this sector has been used as an internal highway for trucks to enter and exit, so its members have been pigeonholed under the first amphitheatre.” But beware, news, according to Javier Caireta this is about to change: «Real Madrid’s plan is have the cheer tier in its usual locationl (a few meters away, just behind Courtois) for the first game of January at the Bernabéu. Only an unforeseen delay with the mechanism for raising and lowering the hypogeum could slow it down.”

Caireta summons me for a future site visit around the Bernabéu in the final stretch of the reconstruction of a stadium that “will be ready in the summer of 2023”. Until there we will approach to chat with the specialist when the pharaonic reform is about to conclude.

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Almost 80 days to promote the new Bernabéu: from the Metro station to the entertainment stands

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