ANIMAPHIX 8 – 20 short films competing for the Renato Guttuso Award in the Animated Painting section

ANIMAPHIX 8 - 20 short films competing for the Renato Guttuso Award in the Animated Painting section

From 29 to 31 July 2022 in Bagheria, at Villa Cattolica – Renato Guttuso Museum, the competitive Animated Painting section of the 8th edition of Animaphix – International Animated Film Festivalwhich is characterized by its editorial line with a strong authorial impact and by the deep bond with contemporary figurative arts, proposing artist films in which the frames, hand-painted, give life to a choreography of constantly evolving shapes and signs.

20 short films, made with the pictorial technique, competing for the Award named after Renato Guttuso – established last year in collaboration with the Guttuso Archives of Rome and the Guttuso Museum of Bagheria to pay homage to one of the most significant artists of the twentieth century, among the main exponents of pictorial neorealism -.

Among the films in competition, the Italian short films in international preview will be screened in the presence of the directors: 7 Themes for the Peri-Urban Landscape in Umbria by Giada Fuccelli (Italy 2021), an exploration of the Umbrian landscape through the contradictions and ambiguities of a region that has been defined as the “green heart of Italy”; “Fogu“by Francesco Mescolini and Marco Rinicella (Italy 2022), a story inspired by the Sardinian tradition and the legend of Sant’Antonio Abate or Prometeo: delivering fire to men.

Instead, the short film comes from Russia “Thy Face“by Keniia Nikitina (2022), an introspection through images on a woman who looks at her own face, almost discovering it for the first time; while it is signed by the Polish director Weronika Maria Michel”Dreambook 33 “(2021), visual representation of various dream themes that explore the human subconscious explained using animations, colors and sounds.

And still in national preview is the Iranian film Stain by Shiva Sadegh Asadi (2022) about an imaginative world in which a woman finds herself stuck between stains, blotches and repetitive thoughts; “The Debutante“by Elizabeth Hobbs (UK 2022), based on the story of artist Leonora Carrington, which Elizabeth Hobbs celebrates with painting and collage;”Hi my Name is Red“by Sadko Hadzihasanovic (Bosnia-Herzegovina 2021), self-portrait on the reactions of a man who cuts himself while shaving;”Elephant in Castle“by Florence Yuk Ki Lee (Hong Kong 2021), reflection on political and social changes in Hong Kong;”Cherry Bone“by Evgenia Gostrer (Germany 2021), who discovers and analyzes her family’s past as immigrants with this work; Soft Animals by Renee Zhan (United States 2021), in which two former lovers meet in a train station and Barbara”Balaclava“by Thiago Martins de Melo (Brazil 2022), a metanarrative based on the stories written by the director himself and read through tarot cards.

International preview “Marie. Eduardo. Sophie / Maria. Eduardo. Sofia“(Canada 2022), a work by Thomas Corriveau where animated painting brings out the bodily presence of dancers immersed in the vertigo of movement. This film will be presented in the special retrospective that the festival will dedicate to the Canadian artist and director.

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ANIMAPHIX 8 – 20 short films competing for the Renato Guttuso Award in the Animated Painting section

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