Animated series in 2022: these were the best stories from a difficult year for creatives

that there would be good , it happens rather in spite of the industry than thanks to it. While the problems continue for animators, who in the United States earn less than those who make live action content, big streaming platforms have hit this content.

While Netflix delivered the remarkable “Love Death and Robots” season 3, which includes the mesmerizing episode “Jibaro”, whose fluidity borders on live action, as well as the acclaimed anime “Cyberpunk: Edgerunners”; the service as a whole has canceled several of its projects. Thus, he dismantled the production of “Bone”, based on the classic comic by Jeff Smith, and the dragon series “Wings of Fire” by Oscar nominee Ava DuVernay. The largest streaming service also canceled other series, all as part of the announcement at the beginning of the year, when it lost more than 200,000 subscribers. Although according to Variety sources, it was not due to a monetary issue.

The other blow to animation came from HBO Max, which on the one hand delivers the remarkable “Primal” season 2, created by a more unleashed Genndy Tartakovsky than ever; as well as the hilarious “Harley Quinn” season 3, but withdrew from its grill more than a dozen original animated series, including the acclaimed “Infinity Train” and “Close Enough”, from the creator of “One More Show”; which is a “pruning” in the context of the merger of the parent company, Warner Bros., with Discovery. To be fair, HBO Max’s problems go further and extend to its live-action series and movies withdrawn from the service so as not to pay extra money to actors and creators.

Additionally, it became known about the merger of Warner Bros. Animation with the Cartoon Network studios, which called into question the continuity of the brand that, since its birth in 1992, launched classics such as “Johnny Bravo”, “The Powerpuff Girls” and “Adventure Time”. Cartoon Network said in response that it has not “died” and is only turning 30, but the question remains.

On the Disney+ side, the entertainment giant released new episodes of “The Owl House”, which follows the adventures of Luz Noceda, a teenager with a great imagination who ends up in a world of magic; one of its biggest releases available in Latin America, although the platform has yet to release the new episodes of “Miraculous: the adventures of Ladybug”, a French series that conquers the world.

But not everything has been positive with animation and Disney +. The platform has the rights to broadcast the anime “Bleach”, both the original series and the new episodes released this year. This story is available in Brazil, but not in the rest of South America. It is unknown when it will broadcast the episodes, a doubt that it also remains for season 2 of “Tokyo Revengers”, which will arrive in 2023 and whose international rights it also acquired.

Continuing with the anime, there is no news about improvements in the conditions of workers in Japan. There may be acclaimed series such as “Attack on Titan” and “Chainsaw Man” from the Mappa studio, which this 2022 launched notable seasons, but which are sustained by the exploitation of animators. Hard times around the world in the cartoon business.

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Animated series in 2022: these were the best stories from a difficult year for creatives

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