Animation, a versatile tool for solving everyday problems

Manga, cartoons or cartoons, as well as children’s movies are the most common forms associated with animation 2D, 3D and Stop Motion, however, this technological tool has a very wide field of operation, as mentioned by Sandra Roura Espinosa and Hugo Cabrera Pérez, professors at the Faculty of Design of the UPAEP.

When speaking about “Animation at the Qatar 2022 Soccer World Cup”, They indicated that another of the animation applications within their technological tool catalogue, are the contents that have been created in the World Cup in Qatar or other sporting events, with the use of the famous “back”, resource through which the plays are analyzed to give greater certainty to the decisions that are made during the match, as well as to share cultural aspects with the visitors regarding the way of behaving in the host country, as is the case of “Kawkabani from Nefais Studios”, an animated series aimed at visitors to the World Cup match, to understand their culture.

On the other hand, there are other applications of animation in our everyday life, In addition to entertainment, as it is in the cultural or educational aspect, where a variety of museums worldwide, use these resources through augmented reality devices, to delve into aspects of a work and to be able to observe details that are not visible to the naked eye. view.

Virtual Reality System as a solution for daily activities of society

“Personally, I really like the animation regarding the interaction and all those actions that we perform through the cell phone screen, such as raising or lowering the screen, switching to the left or right; in the cashier, the animations when the system is loading the information, and so on. They have an interesting animation detail that allows us to understand that everything is working well”, expressed Sandra Roura.

In this sense, Claudia Rebeca Méndez Escarza, director of the Faculty of Design, announced the creation of the BA in Animation and Digital Art that will offer the UPAEP starting in August 2023, which will be focused on training talent that masters animation as a powerful tool, not only as a source of entertainment, but also tourism, commerce, education, areas where innovation is allowed for understanding of everyday aspects.

Animation a versatile tool for solving everyday problems
Sandra Roura Espinosa, Hugo Cabrera Pérez, Claudia Rebeca Méndez Escarza, professors and director of the Faculty of Design of the UPAEP respectively

Due to the above, Méndez Escarza stated that the Program It will have a duration of 8 quarters and will be made up of 55 subjects, among them some of humanistic training, languages, common core, together with the specific ones of Animation and Digital Art such as animation workshops, storytellingof drawing and composition, one more of entrepreneurship, optional subjects and a research terminal.

“This program is based on the fact that we want the boys who study to be good animators, for this reason there are subjects where the principles of animation that two Disney animators created, such as Snow White and The Rescuers, are taught, principles that are still valid for animation traditional; 3D animation, character modeling, character design, special effects, narrative, sound effects, and acting.” Cabrera Perez highlighted.

Finally, the professors invited those interested to start their admission process or consult the details of the program at in the academic offer section.

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Animation, a versatile tool for solving everyday problems

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