Animation export: Platoshka studio expands its geography and enters the Turkish market

Animation studio Platoshka signed a contract with a media distributor blue media. This will allow the studio to distribute its content in Turkey.

Blue Media is a distribution company based in Istanbul, Turkey. An experienced Blue Media team will distribute and sell the content of the animation studio Platoshka, namely the animated series “Tsvetnyashki”.

In addition, Platoshka is currently negotiating with other license partners in Turkey, which will contribute to the development of the brand in this market. It is quite possible that children in this country will soon get acquainted not only with the content, but also with licensed products depicting the characters of the animated series “Colors“.

A week earlier, Platoshka representatives announced the signing of a contract with one of the most advanced animation studios in Asia, the Indian company Toonz Media Group. The flagship project of the studio, which develops the musical animated series “Tsvetnyashki” for children under 4 years old, will appear on MyToonZ platforms. In addition, content will appear on YouTube channels curated by Toonz, including Babytoonz, Boogaboo, as well as Amazon PVD, Kidoodle, Toon Goggles, Battery PoP.

In the near future, the dubbing of the first season of the animated series “Flowers” ​​in Hindi will begin. In this language, the content will be available worldwide. In English, the series can be seen on these platforms around the world, with the exception of China, Europe, the USA, and Latin America.

As part of the content market, Platoshka expects to establish business contacts with Indian TV channels and VOD platforms for further fruitful cooperation.

Platoshka is a young and dynamically growing animation studio founded in 2019 by Anna Shelegina, Yana and Anton Andreichikov. The company develops and produces high-quality animated series for children from the script to the final render. The team sees its mission in using cartoons to tell children about kindness, honor, love and friendship, to teach them to be surprised at little things, to believe in themselves and never give up.

The Platoshka studio was born thanks to a little boy Platon, whose family once became seriously concerned about the quality of children’s cartoons on TV and YouTube. Parents, Anton and Yana Andreichikov, together with Platon’s grandmother, Anna Shelegina, decided to establish their own animation studio in order to create an interesting and, most importantly, really useful, educational cartoon for their son and grandson, and at the same time for thousands of other kids around the world.

The flagship project of the studio is the educational musical animated series “Tsvetnyashki” for kids under 4 years old. It premiered on June 1, 2021 on the YouTube platform. By October 2022, the series has gained more than 100 million views and 150 thousand subscribers. The main value of the series is its ability to give not only positive emotions, but also to develop kids from an early age.

The press service of the animation studio Platoshka informs

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Animation export: Platoshka studio expands its geography and enters the Turkish market

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