Animation, video games, motion graphics, comics, visual effects: upcoming U-tad talks

It is a master cycle classes free of charge that will take place from January 24 to February 23 in the afternoon and in a format on-line.

Animation video games motion graphics comics visual effects upcoming U tad

u-tadUniversity Center for Technology and Digital Art, starts the new academic year with a cycle of master classes related to the animation industry, art and the digital technology behind animated films, sectors that currently demand numerous professionals .

These sessions are related to specific areas such as character design for animated films, professional comic creation, layout and preview in 3D animation projects, real images and video games, storytelling, rigging, concepts art, motion graphicscharacter modeling and design, visual effects, video game art and visual design, virtual reality and production.

The presentations are aimed at both students with an interest in this type of discipline, and professionals who are already working in this sector and want to specialize in a specific area, or expand their knowledge at the hands of the best professionals in the digital industry.

The talks, which will be given in format on-line and that are completely free, they start on January 24 at 6:30 p.m. and can be followed with prior registration:

  • January 24. Introduction to 3D Character Animation. Taught by Jano Olmos, Senior Character Animator at the animation studio, skydancewill explain how the animation industry is a wonderful sector, what is 3D animation and what knowledge is needed to become an animator.
  • January 25. Positive in Comic. Symptoms and recommendations. Taught by javi de castroillustrator and author of graphic novels, in this talk he will report on his professional career through its beginnings, potholes, doubts, successes and failures, as well as offering tricks to overcome a creative bottleneck or how to prepare a dossier.
  • 26 of January. Layout and preview Raúl Colomer, specialist in lightning Y render in The Windshield Wiperthe 2022 Oscar-winning animated short film, will tell about the role of the specialist in previsualization and layout in an animated production and its importance in laying the foundations of a film’s visual narrative.
  • January 31: Story Art. SalBa Combé and Dune Blanco, founders of the prestigious studio mr klauswill explain what the job of story artists is: those in charge of imagining and developing the visual style and the rhythm with which the story progresses in a film or television series.
  • February 1: Behind the scenes to the big screen. Taught by Gabriela Quintanilla, CFX Artist at MPC film Canada, will show what CFX production consists of, visual effects on characters, in movies live action and the process involved in working with different characters with unique requirements, both for clothing and hair simulation.
  • February 2. Concept art. Tang Kheng Heng, art director on the legendary film Kung Fu Pandawill explain all the processes that help to generate the visual identity of an animation blockbuster and how it affects the vision of the concept artist within the team.
  • February 7th. The Fear Collection. Techniques and processes for a cinematographic identity. Luis Ballesteros, motion designerwill focus on the creation of a lively corporate identity for The Fear Collection, the film producer of Álex de la Iglesia. The presentation will describe the background, the research processes, the development of the proposals and the production of the piece, as well as what should be investigated to understand the needs of the client, the production and the choice of techniques.
  • Feb 8: What role does a character designer play within the animation industry? Esther Moralesa character designer, will share her personal experience leading up to working in the industry and will develop the role of a character designer during the different stages of a production.
  • February 9: Character modeling. Juan SolisCharacter Development Artist who has worked in companies such as Netflix, Skydance, Walt Disney Animation or Dreamworks, will show what the job of creating the characters that later appear in 3D animated films such as Frozen either Planet 51among many others.
  • February 14: The work of the digital composer in the film and TV industry. Luisa Gomez-MoranNuke Composer at El Ranchito, will review his professional career highlighting the work experiences of the titles in which he has worked, as well as, he will tell the most personal part of this profession.
  • February 15. The role of the graphic engineer in VFX: simulating fabrics and fluids. Héctor Jiménez, Pipeline Developer at El ranchito, will report on how VFXs are currently of great importance, allowing the creation of increasingly realistic visual experiences: explosions, fire, oceans, smoke… but among all these effects, the most interesting and complex is found in the interaction between fluids and fabrics. because the physical models of these elements are different and that they coexist under the same simulation environment is very complex. Therefore, at times when this interaction should take place, most sequences avoid focusing on that key point. In this master class the different paths that can be developed to simulate this interaction in a simple way will be shown.
  • February 16: Plan and win. Chema Fernández, production coordinator at KOYI Talentwill analyze the importance of professionals in the production department when tackling complex projects within the world of animation and video games.
  • 23 of February. A journey through game development. The art of Star Trek Prodigy: Supernova. Sarah Michael, Lead Artist Y Creative Director of Star Trek Prodigy: Supernova will explain the development of a project focused on the production of a video game, such as the preparation of a pitchand development challenges with examples of game art: concepts vs 3d models and cinematics.

The registration form for these masters classes is available here:

U-Tad Master Classes

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Animation, video games, motion graphics, comics, visual effects: upcoming U-tad talks

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