Anime and animals: what were the best pets in Japanese animation?

It has been established, throughout this week, that animals do everything better in terms of audiovisual productions. Therefore, it does not surprise anyone that in the world of anime they also occupy a relevant role.

Whether as guides, as pets or as creatures to be caught, animals in anime often play unforgettable roles, just pay attention to the names of the pets of an entire generation that grew up between the end of the decade of the years 80 and the decade of 90 to see how many moons, Artemis Y pikachu we can find.

For this reason, in this week in which we review the history of animals in the cinema and on television, this article could not be missing, dedicated to the most important animals in the world of anime.

Since the beginning of anime, animals have been on the screen.. If we review the history of animation in Japan, Three Tales It is technically the first film of the genre to be broadcast. Directed by Keiko Kozonoe tells three children’s stories, being the second of them, Oppel and the Elephantstarring a man, owner of a factory, and an elephant, who is exploited for labor and who, later, will be defended by his herd.

Also, When we think of anime, one of the undeniable referents of the genre is Hayao Miyazaki. Animator, director, mangaka and much more, Miyazaki is part of the heart of anime and also one of the co-founders of the famous Studio Ghibli. Since its beginnings in the animation industry, Miyazaki he also worked with animals.

In the years 60, Hayao Miyazaki worked with Toei Animationwhere he collaborated on projects such as the film Puss in Boots (the anime version, of course, not the one related to Shrek), Animal Treasure Island and more until you reach Nausicaä of the Valley of the Winda film based on a manga that he himself had written and in which, as he would show later Miyazakianimals and the environment are fundamental.

If we review the work of Miyazakiwe soon realize his environmentalist vision. In one of his most celebrated films, Mononoke Himethe protagonist is a young woman who was raised by wolves and who defends all the creatures of the forest from the advances of humanity.

These have not been the only memorable animals created by Miyazaki not for the study Ghibli. Continuing with his environmental visionwe must also mention the film of the 2008, Ponyostarring that magical little goldfish, but also, a little further from that ecological vision, Kiki’s Delivery Servicewhere an apprentice witch is accompanied by her talking black cat, heheheand even Porco Rossostarring an anthropomorphic pig who pilots planes.

thinking about the studio Ghibliwe should also think of films like pom pokodirected by Isao Takahata and starring raccoon dogs, a typical Japanese species, as well as the charming and complex film Red Turtledirected by the Dutch Michael Dudok. These two films also collaborate with the environmentalist vision raised by Miyazaki and that is usually a constant within the films of the Studio Ghibli.

As we said at the beginning, at the end of the 80 and principles of 90 the anime exploded in the whole world. From the hand of that explosion, series like sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Zetc., and, later, some more modern ones such as Pokemon, Digimon, Sakura Card Captor and even more adult ones like Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop and more.

All these series that began to arrive from the hand of channels like locomotion, Magic Kids, cartoon Network and others, They have the presence of animals that have remained in everyone’s memory. To begin, of course, we must talk about the two most famous cats in anime: Moon Y Artemis. A black cat and a white cat, both with a moon on their forehead, who guide the sailor scouts in their battleshelp them discover their powers and, sometimes, provide the necessary comic element to feel some relief.

Secondly, dragon ball has anthropomorphic animals that inhabit the world on a par with humanityWhat puarthe inseparable companion of yamuchaeither Woolongthe pig that accompanies bulma on his first expedition to retrieve the Dragon Balls. And since we mentioned it, of course, dragon ball also has Shenlongthe dragon that grants wishes.

Anime has given us a healthy dose of mythological or, at least, strange animals. With Pokemon we have the best example: many of the pokémon have some resemblance to real animals, but they are not completely. A) Yes, Pikachucould be a rat, but with powers, or eevee a fox, or Squirtle a turtle, however, evolutions in between, those animals that we can somehow recognize, end up transforming and becoming something better. The same, of course, happens with Digimonwhere we find everything from tyrannosaurus rex to insects that, as they evolve, become more unrecognizable creatures.

Other beings that fulfill the function of sidekick animal in the animes of the time can be Cerberusin Sakura Card Captor, Mokona in Magic Knight Rayearth either Kirara in Inu Yasha.

On the other hand, animations more designed for teenagers or adults, such as Cowboy Bebop either Evangelionthey also have their pets: Einthe super intelligent dog that travels on the Bebop and becomes a faithful companion EdY Pen Pen (either Pen2), the penguin that accompanies Misato in her apartment and who eats and drinks like her.

the list is endless: in the most current animes, such as full metal alchemistwe also find adorable animals like Black Hayate Y giveeither Chuntaro of demon slayerjust as we can also find others that are literally the protagonists of the show, such as the red panda of aggretsukoeither Legoshithe gray wolf Beastars.

Anime, that world of animation that is getting bigger and more diverse, has given us countless animals, some real, some mythological and even some invented, that will remain forever in our hearts.. They, with their legs, their fur, their feathers or scales, bring wisdom, laughter, fierceness and, why not, some savagery to these stories that, nowadays, are increasingly successful.

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Anime and animals: what were the best pets in Japanese animation?

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