Annapurna studio will open its own animation division!

Independent film and video game studio Annapurna is opening its own animation division.

Annapurnaindependent film studio behind films like She Said, Booksmart and If Beale Street Could Talk has made it official the inauguration of an animation division led by veterans blue sky Y walt disney, Robert Baird and Andrew Millstein.

The Department, informed the new heads of the division, will work closely with the other branches of Annapurnaincluding its interactive team which has created numerous video game projects, including the acclaimed stray.

The first tape to be finished will be the adaptation of Nimona by N.D. Stevenson, project that was previously going to be worked on by Blue Sky and that will finally be released for Netflix.

A new home for Nimona

Nimona is one of the most acclaimed graphic novels of recent years, which follows the story of a young apprentice villain named Nimonawho can transform into various creatures and modify your own appearance.

Originally, the project began to work with Blue Sky Studios, which closed unexpectedly after the purchase of Walt Disney to Fox, which resulted in about 500 layoffs.

Later, Annapurna teamed up with Netflix earlier this year to finish the film, which will finally see the light of day in mid-2023.

“A lot of great sweat and tears from Blue Sky people was put into Nimona”, said Baird, who served as studio head with Millstein and who has writing credits on films like Big Hero 6 and Monster University.

“We asked people to share their life story making this movie, and all of those stories found their way into this one. We want all of that to be told, and I know everyone says that, but this is really special.”

robert baird

Annapurna studio will open its own animation division

A difficult time for animation?

The Annapurna studio is inaugurated at the same time that The animation industry is facing one of its most difficult times. Well, between one industry reorganization, strikes, layoffs and decisions of large companies such as Warner Bros. Discovery and Netflix by reduce efforts in the middlehave resulted in several canceled animated projects in the last few months.

Baird described his own experience at Blue Sky as “heartbreaking”, so it calls “a sign of optimism” to the decision of the Annapurna boutique for expanding your creative horizons.

Likewise, Millstein claims to be aware of the constant “turning of the tide” in animationcommenting that “We will do our best with the flexibility of the medium. There is a lot of hope and respect for what we want to create.”

“We feel everything that each filmmaker feels. We have been there. This is one thing that the filmmakers we work with have lived with and understand each other. We go through the same ups and downs and are sensitive about it. Therefore, we are committed to bringing some calm after the storm.”

robert baird

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an ambitious plan

Beyond Nimona, the studio has not revealed more about the projects to be carried out, although they anticipated that Several movies and series are already planned.

Likewise, Baird highlighted the possibility of exexpand the intellectual properties of the study, citing video game projects such as “What Remains of Edith Finch,” Y “Neon White,” to expand his narrative universe through animation.

“Having the opportunity to be so close to the Annapurna catalogue, and being able to adapt something that is part of it, is an idea that we are very excited about. These games are created through stories, and the worlds that have been created are just the direction we want to take.”

Andrew Millstein

When you look at Annapurna and notice how varied it is, the constant you find in all its media is the quality of its stories.Baird added.They are lasting, deep and challenging stories. That’s what we want to continue to achieve.”

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Annapurna studio will open its own animation division!

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