‘Apollo 10 1/2’: Richard Linklater starts an (animated) space adventure on Netflix

    The films that go through stories that have not happened but could have done so are called uchronies. This is the curious proposal of Richard Linklaterthe director of the saga Before dawn Y boyhoodwhich changes the live action to animation in his latest film. Apollo 10 1/2 offers us a nostalgic review of the American space race. What would have happened if the first step on the Moon had not been taken by Neil Armstrong, but by little Stan, barely 10 years old?

    On the same day that Judd Apatow releases his new movie, The Bubble, Linklater invites us to take a trip to his own childhood, the basis of this story, in which a boy has intergalactic aspirations inspired by the fight between NASA and the Russian Space Agency in the midst of the Cold War. It is 1969 and, after a decade of the Mercury pilot training program and the first spacecraft launches, sMany children dream of seeing the Earth from the outside. This is what happens to Stana little boy of only 10 years old who lives very closely these advances, since he lives in Houston (Texas).

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    What he does not imagine is that his passion and curiosity will be satisfied, because NASA has made a mistake in the construction of one of its ships. Apollo 10 has turned out to be much smaller than what an adult pilot needs for the trip and the corporation’s solution is to locate a kid with enough talents and faith in the project to want to join the space capsule. and travel to the moon. As unlikely as it may seem, some mysterious men promise to back him up, train him thoroughly and make his task easier so that he is prepared for a mission that, of course, will be top secret.

    Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Childhood: release date, synopsis and cast of voices of the film by Richard Linklater for Netflix

    The optimism of the 60s, dominated by peace, economic prosperity, the development of the middle class and the splendor of the “American Way of Life” invade Netflix on Friday, April 1. Since that day we can enjoy Richard Linklater’s animated story inspired by his own childhood. In Apollo 10 1/2 We will not only enjoy the recruitment of Stan, we will also accompany him on the space mission. The interesting thing about the proposal is that we will be able to see two perspectives in parallel: the vision of the astronaut and that of the mission control center, exposing their reactions at the triumphant moment.

    The point is that the way of approaching the story chosen by Linklater is not so much a historical or realistic perspective, as it happens in chosen for glory either for all mankindnor a pure comedy like space force. In Apollo 10 1/2 we make a return to the past through the memories of an adult man. This is how we travel back in time to the Houston of 1969, allowing that combination between nostalgic stories and the fantastic story of a trip to the Moon. To tell the story, the director has used the voices of Zachary Levi, Jack Black, Glen Powell, Josh Wiggins, Samuel Davis, Lee Eddy, Bill Wise, Mona Lee Fultz, Nick Stevenson, Brian Villalobos, Andrew N Sears and Nicholas Andrew Rice. .

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‘Apollo 10 1/2’: Richard Linklater starts an (animated) space adventure on Netflix

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