Are animated movies only for kids? You may not like the opinion of the CEO of Disney

Bob Chapek, Disney CEOHe said in an interview that adults don’t like animated movies. They are looking for something else. Again the expired and stale labeling of the animation, as a “kids only” product. The serious thing is who has pronounced it.

As you can imagine, social networks have charged against the Disney CEO. These are some strange words coming from the person in charge of the largest animation studios in the world, such as Disney Y pixar. That of course, they have movies focused on children. But many others full of double readings, and even for adults. Are the animated movies for kids?

have you seen the Disney CEO movies like UP, Soul, or Wall-e? Disney also belongs to series focused on adults such as Family Guy, Futurama, etc.

Why Disney CEO Says Animation Is Only For Kids

what exactly did he say Bob Chapek? The controversial statement He carried it out yesterday, in an interview for the Wall Street Journal, recorded on video.

We have his exact words in this video:

This is what the CEO of Disney:”I always say that when parents put their children to bed at night after watching Pinocchio, Dumbo or The Little Mermaid, they probably won’t go to see another animated movie. they want something for themselves“.

It can be intuited that the intention of Bob Chapek is to emphasize that after watching a children’s animated film, parents are tired and want something different. Which seems logical: after swallowing Frozen for the fifteenth time, you’ll probably move on to hardcore.

But Bob Chapek’s subconscious betrays him, saying “They are not going to see another animated film. they want something for themselves“. It implies that animation is not something for parents, that is, that it is for children.

It could be perfectly logical that after watching The Little Mermaid with their children, a parent would like to enjoy Rick & Morty, The Wind Rises or Cyberpunk: Edgerunnerswhich are adult animated series and movies with a completely different style, theme, and pace than Disney movies.

That is the great sin of Bob Chapek. That associates animation with a genre for children. But animation is a medium, and it has no age. It will depend on who and how you use it.

The CEO of Disney wanted to use the phrase to justify that Disney is going to move to adult content. In the world of streaming the rules have changed, and the audience you can reach with the Disney moviesStar Wars or Marvel, is broad, but limited. Disney+ also wants to compete with Game of Thrones or Dahmer. In part it is already doing it through Fox and Hulu. But in the USA they are not within Disney +.

But Chapek has backfired. The phrase: “Adults want something for themselves“It has hurt a lot, even among his own workers at his animation studios, who have publicly criticized him on networks.

The filmmaker Guillermo del Toro has made it very clear to him, who in December will release a more adult adaptation of pinocchio on Netflix:

Del Toro says: “Animation is not a genre for children; it’s a medium. Animation is cinema. Animation is art. And it can tell magnificent, complex stories that seem handcrafted by humans, for humans.“. Little more can be said.

You only need to resort to a phrase from the founder of Disney:

walt disney

You’re dead if you only make movies for kids. Adults are just children who have grown up, if anythingsaid Walt Disney.

Reduce animation to a children’s genre, hint that animation is only for childrenhow did you do Bob Chapekthe Disney CEOIt doesn’t make any sense today. There are thousands of examples that contradict him. These are incomprehensible words coming from the head of animation studios such as Disney either pixar.

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Are animated movies only for kids? You may not like the opinion of the CEO of Disney

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