Avalonia, the strange journey: a trailer for the great Disney adventure

After Encanta, disney returns with the trailer for his new animated film, Avalonia, the strange journey.

While the war rages between Disney and the French cultural authorities for the exit of Black Panther 2 in French cinemas, the studio has already condemned one of its films on French territory. Indeed, the studio with big ears had announced a few months ago that its next animated film, Avalonia, the strange journey, would not have the honors of the room in France and would finish directly on Disney+.

However, behind this project, we find Don Hall and Who Nguyento whom we owe in particular Raya and the last dragon or The new heroes (only for Don Hall), and given the first images of this Avalonia, the strange journey, there was reason to regret Uncle Mickey’s decision. And it’s not the new trailer that will make us think otherwise.

Carried by the voices of Jake Gyllenhall, Lucy Liu or even Dennis Quaid, Avalonia, the strange journey will have the difficult task of succeeding Encanto – the Fantastic Madrigal Family, far from magical. If we will have to wait to know the final result, the trailer allows us to have a more exact idea of ​​the work accomplished by the duo of directors. Thereby, Avalonia, the strange journey promises to plunge the public into the heart of a colorful odyssey, set in a hostile land.

The adventure or more precisely the call of the adventure dear to the writer Joseph Campbell dictates the narration of this trailer. Son of a famous missing explorer, Clade will be dragged into a mad expedition to save the world. During his journey, he will find his father and face the mortal dangers that separate him from his final goal.

Strange World: PictureReady for the big adventure?

Unfortunately, these first images do not spare us, already, themes that have been seen a hundred times, in particular in the studio’s other works, from the passing of the generational witness to the weight of a delicate legacy to bear. On the other hand, the trailer effectively maintains the mystery around this enigmatic unknown territory, thanks in particular to the rather impressive visuals.

Journey to the center of the Earth or fantastic continent? Few clues to really get an idea. We can then nourish a legitimate hope, that of attending a good family adventure film. If it will not undoubtedly equal for example The castle in the Sky (still in the adventure animated film style), Avalonia, the strange journey can pose as a well-designed product if not revolutionary.

Whether Avalonia, the strange journey was supposed to land on Disney+ next November, this new trailer unfortunately no longer indicates a precise release date on the streaming platform and therefore a date for France (the film is still confirmed for a cinema release on November 23 in the States -United). While waiting to know more, you can see on the platform Baymaxalso directed by Don Hall.

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Avalonia, the strange journey: a trailer for the great Disney adventure

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