Avalonia, The strange journey: the first opinions on the new Disney have fallen

The first opinions on Avalonia, the strange journeythe new feature film from Disney studios, have fallen.

By planning the release ofAvalonia, the strange journey only on Disney+, Disney has delivered a first warning shot against the media timeline. Avalonia, the strange journey will therefore not participate in the great end-of-year festivities in cinemas and will experience the same fate (admittedly for different reasons) as Pixar feature films, Drunk and Luke.

An adventurous first trailer of Avalonia, the strange journey had unveiled a fairly neat artistic direction despite, in appearance, a fairly agreed story. However, we have long known the qualities and defects of the original Disney animated films, effective, but often limited in terms of direction. Avalonia, the strange journey will it go beyond a well-established model and surprise us? First opinions have just fallen on Twitter and will perhaps answer this question. Tweet review.

Journey to the Center of the Earth

“Avalonia gives its characters and creatures superb art direction. The film is based on a very good concept, halfway between Journey to the Center of the Earth and Hello Holidays (Harold ramis). The film is part of a nice progressive policy (climate change, LBGT+ inclusiveness). Really nice to watch and fun. I’m dying to see him again. » Drew Taylor – TheWrap

“Avalonia surprised me. The trailers didn’t wow me, but the film is incredibly imaginative and creative, showing once again how animation has no limits. The characters are very endearing and I loved the fantastic world (as in the English title Strange World) presented by the film. » Eric Goldman- Fandom

“Avalonia presents a beautifully animated (and eerie) journey. Unfortunately, the film doesn’t have enough narrative momentum to sustain the breath of the adventure. Serious themes take over, leaving the story in the dust. » Daniel Howat- NextBestPicture

Strange World: PictureCan we take one home?

“I have no fear in qualifying Avalonia as animated film of the year. The images are breathtaking and the music of Jackman magnificent, and moreover, at the heart of the film, we discover a magnificent ancestral message, brought back to the agenda, rightly for a new generation. I hope many families will watch it together. » Liam T Rowley – comic book

“Avalonia features a beautifully animated world with bizarre creatures and environments as well as a sweet, multi-generational story about fathers and sons. LGBTQ inclusion comes naturally in an atmosphere like this. » Jeff Nelson- cheat sheet

“Avalonia is beautifully done. LGBTQ representation is huge for Disney. Gigantic. I smiled a lot. Representation matters too. » Jazz Tangcay- variety

Strange World: PictureThe media chronology must stop

“Avalonia is a large-scale, fantasy-pulp adventure with radical, colorful world-building and heartbreaking characters. His talk about legacy and the need to make the world a better place is charming and disarming. Moreover, there is a super cute three-legged puppy, which will win everyone’s affection. » Courtney Howard- variety

“Avalonia develops a lot of themes, from broken families to the environment, to how technology has helped or hindered society. It all blends into a sci-fi adventure story that tries to pair classic and progressive storytelling. Unfortunately, much of this narrative feels forced and predictable. » Matt Neglia – NextBestPicture

“Avalonia is a visual feat; the most amazing part of the story turns out to be the ending, which it’s impossible to talk about without spoilers, but I think there’s quite a lot to say about it. A stunning voice cast and, once again, a visceral treat. » Liz Shannon Miller- Result

Strange World: PictureThank you Jules Verne for the source of inspiration

These generally enthusiastic first reviews report a dazzling visual spectacle, worthy of the means deployed by the studio. In addition, most critics emphasize the underlying inclusive discourse that is welcome in the feature film, and even if we remember, for example, the very poorly controlled feminist commitment in Frozen 2 (not counting that of the cousin of the MCU, in particular in Captain Marvel), we are rather very curious and impatient to see what is going on here.

Unfortunately, if the film will be released in the United States on November 23 at the cinema, no official release date ofAvalonia, the strange journey has not been disclosed for our territory, which will also have to be content with operation on Disney+. A priori, we can imagine that Disney will release it 45 days after its release on the big screen on Disney + in the United States, therefore by the beginning of 2023 in France. Case to follow.

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Avalonia, The strange journey: the first opinions on the new Disney have fallen

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