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In mid-June, it became known that three animated films based on the universe of The Legend of Aang and The Legend of Korra from Avatar Studios (created by Michael Dante Dimartino and Brian Konietzko in 2021) are in development.
And yesterday they gave an interview where they told a lot of new things about future projects. Here is a selection of the most interesting information:

The Avatar movies will be new stories.
According to them, their animation projects are not franchise book or comic book adaptations. Which means that future films about Kyoshi, Zuko and Korra will not be adaptations of the books.”Formation of Kyoshi/Shadow of Kyoshi“, and comics by Aang and Korra. That is, they will be their sequels in terms of the timeline. However, the authors admit that sometime in the future they may animate books and comics.

Animation projects will be executed in 2D graphics.
Last year, the Nickelodeon website reported that they were looking for specialists to create hybrid 2D / 3D animation. However, Brian Konietzko said that the films will be done in 2D (like the original series). However, there will be some improvements and they are trying to make Avatar Studios have their own unique style.

Books, games, and comics will remain canon.
However, Brian states that there could be slight changes to their story if needed in animation projects.

Ideas that fit well in animated films will not be used in comics.
This explains the lack of a seventh Aang comic book trilogy (the previous six have been running steadily since 2012) and the cancellation of the Korra comic book trilogy. Most likely, it was decided to transfer their stories to films about Zuko and Korra.

There are several Avatar games in development.
That’s all they can say for now. However, recently, screenshots from the closed beta of the mobile game “Avatar Generations” got into the network, and according to insiders from the Avatarnews portal (which never failed), a console RPG game and a MMORPG game in the universe are being developed.

You can listen to the full interview at the following link:

Paramount is developing films about Kyoshi, Zuko and Korra

Paramount recently announced three animated films in the The Last Airbender/Korra universe being developed by Avatart Studios. And today it became known what exactly they will talk about. So, meet:

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Avatar Studios Projects Roundup from the Avatar Creators – Movies & TV Shows on DTF

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