Barry Jenkins ventures into animated films

MORELIA. Showing that he has a great capacity for adaptation is what Barry Jenkins looks for with every job he does.

You can direct from a tape that talks about sexual diversity and the difficulty of relating to people as in Moon light (2016), go through issues of migration and slavery as in The Underground Railroad (2021) until delving into an animated film for children, as his next project as director of the prequel to The Lion King, mufasawhich is scheduled to premiere in 2024.

His interest as a director and producer is always focused on making current problems visible or that leave a message to the public; At least that’s how he has done it in the almost two decades of his career that he is about to complete.

“I feel the same curiosity today as I did 20 years ago and movies like Moon light either The Underground Railroad they are totally different from each other, that’s why I made them, to stay active through that curiosity, that’s why I accepted The Lion King which is something totally different from what I have done, I think that we filmmakers are artists in its entirety.

“It’s like an architect only does huge office buildings and never designs anything else or like chefs cook something for adults and never for kids, that’s what I try to do because kids see everything we do too so now I like it to do something that is directed specifically for them, what I do is go into another kitchen, doing something new,” Jenkins said at a mini-press conference.

In fact, Jenkins confessed that working for children is one of the most difficult challenges, but at the same time satisfying, since it is one of the most sincere audiences.

“If you cook for adults in a fancy restaurant, they will pretend that they like the food, even if it doesn’t taste good, but if you cook for children and they don’t like it, they spit it out, people think that making things for children is easy, but I think it’s much harder because children will always tell you the truth,” he said.

Although he did not want to reveal details about the story that will follow mufasathe 42-year-old American did share a bit about the directing process.

“Doing it is like having directed it seven times since first I had to direct the voices, then the people who do the storyboarding, then them with the already edited voices, also directing the people who use the special costumes (for the effects) , directing the movements with the voices and making a complete virtual 3D map and everything had to be directed and edited.

“I’ve had to direct a lot more on this film than I’ve ever directed before, even though I can’t physically touch or see it at the time,” he said.

One of his latest projects is aftersun and prepare to produce Flint Stronga story he wrote and will be directed by Rachel Morrison.

The project deals with the life of the boxer Claressa t rex Shields, who became the first woman from Michigan to win an Olympic gold medal in that discipline.

“Cinema is not just narrative, nor is it telling stories, but communicating with images and that is what I try to do, raise awareness through images and sounds. The cinema prior to 2010, it is as if black people do not dream, what I try to do is get into the consciousness of black people and in a very concrete way through sounds, images and ideas, show that black people do dream and that he has a conscience and nightmares, something that was not seen before.

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“In an interview I was talking about politics and people from the LGBT+ community were talked about, that is politics, also the fact of showing that black people dream and the cinema is a perfect vehicle to raise awareness and get into it. the reflections of black people,” he said.

Jenkins attended the Morelia International Film Festival to enjoy a retrospective on her career; She unveiled a chair named after him in tribute to his work and the importance of his voice within the world of cinema.

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Barry Jenkins ventures into animated films

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