Batman is cuckold in Catwoman’s animated movie; villain betrays hero with [spoiler]

In Batman legend, it’s not often that Catwoman/Selina Kyle strays from Bruce Wayne’s path. Over decades of comics, cartoons, TV shows, movies and…

In the legend of batmanit is not frequent Catwoman/Selina Kyle deviate from the path of Bruce Wayne🇧🇷 Through decades of comics, cartoons, TV shows, movies and video games, once Bat is on the scene, Cat will sink her claws into him and him alone. That’s why the A.D pushed them as soulmates even further over the years, highlighted by them almost getting married.


Although the Dark Knight is not seen in Catwoman: Hunted, his influence is there, as his haunting presence and overall career as a vigilante casts a shadow over Selina trying to steal a jewel from Leviathan. However, Selina totally surprised fans when she ended up cheating on Bruce with someone from her inner circle, the Batwoman🇧🇷

Now, this animated movie didn’t officially consider them a couple, but Selina was in love and had a romance with her; something Batwoman/Kate Kane mentioned when she, Julia Pennyworth, and King Faraday arrested the villain. They wanted her to work with Interpol on a special project: breaking into Barbara Minerva’s Leviathan base in Europe and taking it down.

The gem that Catwoman stole – the Cat’s Eye – had a tracker on it, which is why Kate bungled the theft, allowing the villains to retrieve it. Isolated on a plane the heroes seized from the Penguin, Selina enlisted, made sweeter by Kate promising they would erase her records and clear all her crimes if she helped them succeed.

This led to a sensual moment where Kate and Selina had an intimate conversation in a bathroom. Kate was quite nervous, but Selina undressed to get into the tub, approaching Batwoman. She worked her feline charm provocatively, seducing Kate by mentioning how she loves “playing steamy roles.” As resistant as Kate was, a naked Selina removed the vigilante’s wig and mask, eventually pressing her lips very close to Kate’s and implying that she wanted to stay.

A red Kate started to stutter and totally caved in, unarmed and ready to engage in a secret tryst. However, Selina stopped the date and jumped into the bathtub alone, making it clear that Kate could only watch. Selina admitted that the cats “bathed”, which pissed off Kate because she hates rejection.

She berated Selina and left with her ego bruised, only for Catwoman to reveal that she only needed to close the distance to steal Kate’s phone and call Holly to make sure her lost girls were taken care of. Still, it was clear that Cat was into her, and the feelings were there when they bonded in a later battle. Ultimately, this tease laid bare the Batwoman’s LGBT identity from the comics, but fears of mixing business with pleasure and the possibility of Bruce finding out ended things abruptly in Catwoman: Hunted.

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Catwoman: Hunted is now available digitally and physically abroad. The animated feature still does not have a release date in Brazil, but it is likely to come out soon here on HBO Max🇧🇷

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Batman is cuckold in Catwoman’s animated movie; villain betrays hero with [spoiler]

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