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The streaming age has really changed the game when it comes to children’s cartoons. In the olden days, children – and by proxy their parents – were slaves to everything that passed in life. TV globinho or not Good Morning & Co. at the time, and more often than not, it was some loud, obnoxious trash trying to sell your young children an overpriced toy.

Adults now have much more control over what kids can watch and when. But that brings another challenge: With so many options, what exactly should you let your kids see? No problem, we’ve selected the best ones for you!

Here are 15 of the best cartoons to watch right now on top streaming services like Netflix and amazon prime, from classics to new additions to lists of best children’s cartoons. If you have any doubts, it’s just leave it in the comments.

Kipo and the Animonsters

This fantastic anime-style Netflix series follows a 13-year-old girl named Kipo, forced to flee the safety of an underground city to face the dangers of a dystopian world. Spanning three seasons, the episodes are smart, creative, seriously weird, and downright wonderful. If your child likes science fiction, this Netflix cartoon is for him.


An absolute gift for kids and parents alike, Bluey is the rare show that doesn’t badmouth the kids or the adults watching with them, but manages to delight and engage both demographics. Centered on the everyday adventures of a family of anthropomorphic dogs, it also doesn’t try to shove life lessons down your kid’s throats. Instead, its short episodes – often under 10 minutes – emphasize the importance of play and imagination, while trusting little ones to absorb the deeper messages hidden among all the play. He is available to parents and children on Disney+.


This one Netflix fantasy drawing follows a relentlessly friendly little girl as she moves from the goblin-filled forest to the big city, where her love of nature helps her forge bonds between the human world and the magical realm. Steeped in Nordic lore and possessing a genuine heart, Hilda often finds herself in frightening situations, but her commitment to understanding and her inherent bravery are infectious enough that children like Hilda are able to handle danger while learning to see. the two sides of the conflict.

Gravity Falls

This cartoon is an offbeat crossover of Stranger Things, Twin Peaks, Scooby-Doo and The X-Files, but despite those adult influences, this is a show aimed squarely at kids. Following the summer of twins Mabel and Diper on a road trip across the Pacific Northwest with their uncle, the show has gained an adult following thanks to its clever gags, fantastical beasts and compelling plot, but it never strays too far from the scary while exploring the surreal. . See the adventures of this duo on Disney+.

The House of the Owl

It is immensely popular Disney+ animated series follows the heroine Luz into a magical world of witches, where she trains under the tutelage of the aloof Edalyn Clawthorne. With some Harry Potter overtones when Luz enrolls in an enchanted academy, but the resemblance ends there and The House of the Owl is a cartoon all its own: a fantasy of hilarious jokes, genuine humour, messages of acceptance and equality and boundless imagination. .

Peppa Pig

This little preschool pig – who, as many have pointed out, looks more like an anthropomorphic hair dryer – has already helped raise an entire generation of children and made the world a little friendlier and more compassionate in the process. Don’t let the fact that she’s a rock star now fool you either: Peppa is still the same humble British piggy and just as charming as ever. waiting for you on Amazon Prime.

Ask the StoryBots

frank talk: the StoryBots, the Netflix series, is one of the best children’s programs on the market. The episodes follow Beep, Boop, Bing, Bang and Bo as they try to answer a question like: How do eyes work? Why do we recycle? How do you catch a cold? The silly narrative is goofy and fun, but the responses are serious and scientifically sound – no wonder it won multiple Emmy Awards. The cameos are especially enjoyable for adults: John Legend, ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic, Wanda Sykes, Snoop Dog.

world of centaurs

A great addition to Netflix children’s canon, World of Centaurs is an eccentric explosion that transports an ordinary horse into a musically driven world of mythical hybrid creatures that take the concept of a centaur to strange new horizons (yes, in this story a ”centaur” is any hybrid creature of animal and human). The songs are great, the visual humor is reminiscent of BoJack for kids, and the hero’s journey is a marvel.

Dugs Day

A spinoff of Pixar’s animated film Up – High Adventures, this Disney+ short series follows talking dog Dug as he settles down for life with curmudgeonly widower Carl (in the original feature he was voiced by comedian Chico Anysio). Episodes are short and extremely sweet, with Dug front and center as he deals with everyday struggles like noisy fireworks, dogs and his sworn enemies: squirrels.

Beat Bugs/Motown Magic

Beat Bugs and Motown Magic use the wonders of modern animation to expose little ones to some of the greatest music ever written. Both created for Netflix by the same musically minded creator, Beat Bugs follows the adventures of tiny insects as kids learn more about Beatles songs, while Motown Magic uses Detroit’s signature sound to focus on city life to the tunes of classics from the US label Motown. Are you a Beatles or Jackson 5 fan? So the Netflix musical animations are a plateful for you.

Vera and the Rainbow Kingdom

Steeped in cuteness, this netflix magic series follows a little girl transported to a kaleidoscopic realm, where she is granted three wishes per episode to solve magical problems with practical answers. The series is a visual feast filled with ninja cats, melancholy clouds and friendly monsters, and its wry humor and emotional songs should appeal to kids and parents alike.

Elena of Avalor

Disney’s first and so far only Latina princess headlines this vivid and captivating fantasy adventure as she balances her royal duties with her desire for adventure. This is Disney at its “girl power” heyday, delivering a swashbuckling fantasy that should please everyone. Want to know their adventures? Then see them on Disney+. Now make the %$#&* of a movie with this princess, Disney!

Now, have you ever imagined yourself drawing and coloring like a pro? Have you ever imagined creating your own characters and, who knows, even turning it into a source of income? There are a lot of people who create comic strips and stories on the internet earning money and you can do that too! You don’t need talent or gift, just the right guidance! Want to start learning to draw? So, we have special content that will help you to learn to draw from scratch and reach the level of the best professionals!

Shimmer and Shine

Leah has a secret she can’t reveal to her best friend Zac. Her lips are sealed when it comes to her friendship with Shimmer and Shine, twin sisters – and genies – who grant wishes. However, the dynamic duo are still amateurs who must often correct their mistakes with Leah by their side. It’s simple and positive, anchored by one of the best theme songs in modern animation for view on Amazon Prime.

Paw Patrol

This irresistible cartoon follows young Ryder as he leads the adventures of the Paw Patrol, cute pups who are working to keep Adventure Bay safe. Puppies dressed as firefighters, policemen, engineers, aviators and much more living adventures that involve solving problems and dangers with their contraptions and rescue cars are available. waiting for you on Netflix.

Dr. toys

Dottie plans to follow in her mother’s footsteps by becoming a doctor when she grows up. In the meantime, the ambitious young lady decides to start practicing right now. What’s the point of waiting? She tries out her medical techniques on her stuffed animals, which happen to come to life when she picks up her stethoscope. Expect some tips for healthy habits along the way in this Disney+ success.

Quick FAQ about Children’s Cartoons

What are the best children’s cartoons to watch in 2023?

– Kipo and the Animonsters
– Bluey
– Hilda
– Gravity Falls
– The House of the Owl
– Peppa Pig
– Ask the StoryBots
– World of Centaurs

What is the best Disney cartoon for children?

The Lion King (1994) The Lion King is the most successful Disney production to date. Everything about this film, from the characters, stories, and music, is worth praising. The film made an incredible box office of 1.663 billion dollars.

Is Netflix good for kids?

Netflix has a lot of children’s shows, but it also has shows for adults. If you’re nervous for your kids to watch Netflix, just turn on parental controls so they can’t click on any shows that aren’t suitable for kids.

What is the world’s first cartoon?

On August 17, 1908, the Gaumont company in Paris released Fantasmagorie, the world’s first fully animated cartoon created by Emile Cohl in the traditional hand-drawn animation style.

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