‘Better Call Saul’ Premieres Its Animated Prequel ‘Slippin’ Jimmy’

The world of ”Better Call Saul” is ready to expand his story, because AMC+ just released its animated seriesslippin’ jimmy”, a six-episode spinoff that follows a child version of Saul Goodman, aka Jimmy McGill. The new cartoon is a much more family-friendly prequel to the bloody and scheming original series.

”Slippin’ Jimmy” follows Jimmy and his friend Marco Pasternark before they became an unstoppable team of con artists, as two boys still in school. The story also features new characters, such as an angry adult who will act as an authority figure at Jimmy’s school. The spin-off follows the boys’ early run-ins with the law, as they hone their con skills long before Jimmy became Saul Goodman.

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All episodes of ”Slippin’ Jimmy” were released on May 23 on the AMC+ platform. The main series of ”Better Call Saul” has just reached the halfway point of its final season, starring Bob Odenkirk like the crooked lawyer who calls himself Saul Goodman. The last season has already revealed its first 6 chapters, with the next ones premiering on July 11.

”Slippin’ Jimmy” is one of three animated spin-offs of ”Better Call Saul” recently announced by AMC. Also scheduled for release this spring is ”Cooper’s Bar”, an animated spin-off starring Rhea Seehorn from ”Better Call Saul” as Kim Wexler.

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Finally, ”Better Call Saul Employee Training” returns for a fourth season, being a parody of employee training for different jobs. Previous seasons of the show focused on Los Pollos Hermanos employee training, Madrigal Electromotive safety training, and ethics training with Kim Wexler.

The new AMC+ series, ”Slippin’ Jimmy” is produced by the animators of ”Rick and Morty”, the producer Starburn’sand features a script written by the writers of Better Call Saul, Ariel Levin Y Kathleen Williams Fosheefocusing on showing what Jimmy McGill’s childhood was like, long before he entered the world of corruption.

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‘Better Call Saul’ Premieres Its Animated Prequel ‘Slippin’ Jimmy’

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