Boku no Hero Academia: What’s wrong with the animation?

The Boku no Hero Academia anime, despite being in one of the best moments in its history, is not making the grade in terms of animation. In this article we analyze what happens.

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Boku no Hero Academia is currently on the air with its 6th season. Since it began broadcasting more than 6 years ago, during its first 4 seasons the series has presented an enormous quality. Kohei Horikoshi’s manga adaptation has been very faithful in adapting its plot. Couple this with Bones’ stellar animation, and we have the answer to why. My Hero Academia has become one of the best anime in recent years.

However, this changed when its 5th season premiered. The arcs he adapted weren’t a big deal and the studio made story-pacing changes to promote the 3rd film in the series., ‘World Heroes Mission’. In the same way, the quality of its animation dropped considerably at times. This made a part of their fans will directly abandon the animewhile others preferred to pass the failures of this batch of episodes and wait to see what happened.

The 6th season would be the litmus test to see if Bones got his batteries back or had decided to prioritize other projects. This has already premiered several episodes and, for the moment, everything was progressing smoothly, bringing back what made us fall in love with the work. Now, with its most recent episode, 122, the animation has failed to do justice to one of Boku no Hero’s high points. Next, we tell you what is happening.

The problem of Bones and the animation of Boku no Hero Academia

In the last episode of Boku no Hero Academia, we have seen how our protagonists are at a critical moment in their plan to defeat All For One, Tomura Shigaraki and the rest of the villains. Also, the arc we are currently enjoying is the ‘Paranormal Liberation War’, the stage considered by manga readers to be the best in the entire series.

It’s true that there are some moments where the animation is just fine, however this is a pretty rare thing to see in a Bones production. And it is that, This studio has us used to seeing tremendous quality in their works. Without going any further, we have the 3rd season of Mob Psycho 100, which is also animated by Bones and it is being spectacular in all its aspects, including animation. Among other works in his portfolio is ‘Fullmetal Alchemist’, another of the best anime series in history.

Bakugo Boku no Hero anime 6

But it is that in this episode there are a few other points in which the animation is quite so-so, with little detailed characters and even deformed, quite a few practically static planes and, directly, several still images. And if we were talking about a transitory episode, in which conversations predominate, I’ll buy it. But we are at one of the most important points, in which fights and other spin-off events central to the plot are taking place.

We could say that the study is somewhat short of budget or that it has to animate another series at the same time. But this is not at all so, since the income that the anime is generating is immenseAlthough it may be, which I highly doubt, that not enough is being allocated to the series. Something that is almost certainly not causing this is Mob Psycho 100, the other Bones series that is on the air right now, since we know that its production ended months ago.

We will have to wait for a few episodes to pass and see if this has been a small stumbling block on the part of Bones or the situation is permanent. And you, dear reader, what do you think about the animation in the last episode of Boku no Hero? Do you think this is a major problem or does it not affect the enjoyment of the series too much? you can tell us by social networkswhere you can also follow us and find out about the latest anime, science fiction and fantasy news.

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Boku no Hero Academia: What’s wrong with the animation?

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