‘Caped Crusader’: The platforms dispute the Batman animated series after it is canceled by HBO Max

Batgirl has grabbed the headlines from the controversial decisions of David Zaslav as the new leader of Warner Bros. Discovery, and no wonder. After separating from AT&T and merging with Discovery, Warner’s management has stopped prioritizing streaming (star strategy during the pandemic) based on classic premieres, so that HBO Max workers and artists are falling prey to all kinds of excesses. Batgirlwithout going any further, has seen its premiere suddenly canceled as it was destined for this platform, while some content disappears without prior notice and a whole string of animated productions suffers a similar fate to the film of Leslie Grace.

This has not been talked about so much, but it is resounding. In a matter of days, projects such as The infinite train, The Fungies either magic camp, the latter when he had finished developing his new season. At the same time, a whole string of titles have been canceled, such as Bye Bye Bunny: A Looney Tunes Musical either The Amazing World of Gumball: The Moviebut perhaps what hurt the fans the most was the fate of Batman: Caped Crusader. It was a very high-profile animated series, due more than anything to the fact that it was Bruce Timm in the middle. Who was, in fact, the creator of the highly acclaimed Batman: The Animated Series from the 90’s

caped crusader It wasn’t exactly a sequel to this one, but it promised to follow in its wake to build an adventure as overwhelming from the visual field as it was adult in its tone (emphasizing Batman’s detective facet). In addition to Timm, he had in front of JJ Abramsto the prestigious comic book writer ed brubaker Already Matt Reevesbut the tragedy of its cancellation at the hands of Zaslav has soon been alleviated by a recent report from The Hollywood Reporter. According to this, caped crusader could get ahead after all thanks to the remarkable interest they have in the project streamers like Netflix, Apple TV+ and Hulu. All of them dispute, these days, the control of caped crusader.

Production, in fact, had never come to a standstill in the expectation that some studio beyond HBO Max would want to take over it. This is what would end up happening, depending on whether any of the aforementioned titles get away with it, and caped crusader see the light outside streaming from Warner Bros. A somewhat bizarre situation considering that DC is part of this majorbut the important thing is that it exists, and that it also does so coinciding with an admirable state of health for the Gotham bat.

And it is that, terrible as the fate of Batgirl has been, the universe coupled with the character is more alive than ever. While Zaslav enthusiastically faces the sequel to joker (Folie à Deux), Reeves has signed an agreement to continue working on the new continuity introduced by batmana film he directed with the leading role of Robert Pattinson. In addition to the inevitable sequel, Reeves will also oversee a series. spin-off focused on the penguin Colin Farrel.

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‘Caped Crusader’: The platforms dispute the Batman animated series after it is canceled by HBO Max

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