Cartoon dads celebrate different fatherhoods

With great importance in the plots of children’s films, cartoon parents are fun, strong, wise, determined, courageous, dreamers… But even with different characteristics – in the most varied shapes and colors – these characters teach us the importance of fighting for what we believe and the strength of the affection they feel for their sons and daughters.

Some older drawings portrayed the father figure with traces of irresponsibility and a certain distance from family environments. However, more and more films and drawings have reflected a change in the paradigms of paternity, introducing new characters, whose relationships are based on affection, trust, understanding and partnership with their children. They care and want the best for the little ones, but not all of them are perfect!

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The different types of parents in cartoons and animations

  • Mufasa from “The Lion King”

The father as the greatest example!

The father of all fathers, Mufasa is one of the greatest symbols of fatherhood in animation. His journey with Simba teaches us about responsibility, love and loss. His presence in the film is manifested in an almost divine way, reflecting his son’s look of admiration. Wise, courageous, tough and playful, Mufasa is the epitome of fatherhood as an example and guide.

  • Marlin from “Finding Nemo”

One who is overprotective and worried!

The most beloved clownfish in cinema is, without a doubt, an example of an overprotective, determined father who, despite his insecurities, relies on his love for his son to find courage. Marlin learns on his journey that the independence of children is part of the process of maturation of children – and that there is a lot of life beyond the confines of fear. Even shy, our protagonist is still affectionately playful with his son. Who never heard a bad joke made by their father?

The one who wants to learn the challenges of parenting!

Unlike most ogres, Shrek is married with three children and leads a turbulent but fun family life. Having been abandoned by his parents at a young age, he has difficulty reconciling fatherhood and his way of life in the swamp. Gradually, even with his imperfections and eccentricities, he learns to bring his family closer and agrees to share the joys of his daily life with them.

  • Beto, from “The Incredibles”

The super dad!

Beth, or Mr. Amazing, this is no ordinary father or husband. Even though he is a superhero, he immerses himself in the daily challenges of his three children. Along the journey of reconnecting with his powers, he also grows closer to his family and becomes an increasingly caring father. He cheers and hopes that his children develop to their full potential and believes that his family is his greatest adventure.

  • Gru from “Despicable Me”

Father is the one who takes care of!

Our favorite bad guy, Gru, goes from supervillain to superdad after spending time with little Agnes, Edith and Margo. Smart, grumpy, ambitious and clumsy, Gru gradually becomes a father figure and seeks to be a better version of him, to match the affection of the three little girls. This fun and colorful family teaches us that affective bonds go far beyond blood relations.

  • Homer Simpson from “The Simpsons”

The famous clumsy dad!

One of TV’s most iconic father figures, Homer is a satire who embodies the stereotype of the clumsy, irresponsible father. Despite this, he is dedicated to his children and, even with questionable attitudes – for being lazy and hating his job, for example – he shows himself to be a loving father and goes ahead to guarantee the support of his family. He remembers this when looking at a wall with pictures of his youngest daughter with the phrase “do it for her”. With his eccentric and childish personality, he always embarks on the adventures and confusions of children.

  • Maes Hughes of “FullMetal Alchemist”

Everyone’s daddy!

One of the most famous father figures in anime, Hughes is known for being an exceptional soldier, very competent, while being a playful father and completely passionate about his family. At various times we see that his posture amuses and delights those around him: he is always ready to brag by showing a photo of his little girl. His relationship of loyalty and empathy causes him to create genuinely strong relationships with his friends, family and with the protagonists of the series, who are orphaned teenagers.

  • Geppetto from “Pinocchio”

The one who always dreamed of being a father!

Gepetto’s greatest wish was to be a father. With his own hands and hope, he creates Pinocchio to fulfill this dream. He strives to be a good father, but has a hard time teaching his son some important lessons. Even with the turbulence of Pinocchio’s maturation journey, Geppetto is an attentive and dedicated father, he agrees to go to the ends of the world to rescue his son and insists on always teaching him with great affection.

  • Chief Benja from “Raya and the Dragon”

The one who believes in the potential of children!

A born leader, Benja trains his daughter Raya to become a great warrior and teaches her a powerful message about trust and the need for people to unite to recreate Kumandra. Calm, skilled and tender, Benja believes and bets on Raya as guardian of the Dragon Jewel, the last remnant of magic among humans. His legacy of teaching accompanies the daughter who feels strong and capable of experiencing great adventures in the search for harmony among peoples.

  • Rick Mitchell, from “The Mitchell Family and the Machines Revolt”

The father who wants to change for his children!

Rick is a devoted family man, prefers nature over technology and knows how to fix almost anything. As his eldest daughter, Katie, enters adolescence, he finds it difficult to connect and understand his tastes and questions to the world. Amid the turmoil of moving to college and a war against robots, Rick begins to listen carefully and understand his daughter. He admits his mistakes and comes to see usefulness and importance in Katie’s art.

The Proud Dad!

Despite being demanding and somewhat stubborn, Fa Zhou is keen to support his daughter even in her worst moment. In a memorable scene, he encourages her by saying that the rarest and most beautiful flower is often the one that blooms later. When she saves China and returns home, her father shows her that the greatest joy and pride in her life was having her as a daughter.

  • James from “The Princess and the Frog”

The father as the greatest inspiration!

Tiana’s father is an example of affection and determination. With his wife, he creates a warm environment and teaches his daughter that she is special, talented and loved. O Tiana’s dream of owning her own restaurant stems from her love of cooking with her father. “You can do what you want. Just promise your father one thing? That you will never, ever lose sight of what is really important.”

  • Chief Powhatan from “Pocahontas”

The father who learns from his children!

Inspired by real Indian leadership, Chief Powhatan is a powerful warrior respected by his village. As a caring and stern father, he tries to find a stable future for his daughter while taking into account the traditions of his people. Amid the battle against the colonizers, he decides to abandon the path of war and hatred by trusting Pocahontas’s teachings and empathy.

  • Ian and Barley from “Two Brothers”

Finding Fatherhood in Sibling Love!

The two brothers, who lost their father when they were very young, set out on a journey to reclaim magic and find a way to contact their father one last time. In this adventure, the two get closer while being able to follow in his father’s footsteps to learn about the magic of his people. Ian and Barley forge a powerful brotherly bond with their father’s help.

  • Professor Utonium from “The Powerpuff Girls”

Father present!

A clumsy scientist, but very intelligent, Professor Utonium is responsible for creating the superpowered girls. He takes care of his laboratory, the house and the three little girls by himself. Very kind and thoughtful, he is always concerned about his daughters’ well-being, even though he knows they have superpowers. His affection for the girls is noticeable in the various daily activities.

  • Papa Smurf from “The Smurfs”

In the heart of a father, there’s always room for one more!

Papa Smurf is a leader who loves his hundred children unconditionally. With his red cap, he is always ready to protect them from all harm and also to help resolve internal conflicts. Whether in comics, drawing or film, he is a charismatic figure who dedicates himself intensely to taking care of everyone.

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Cartoon dads celebrate different fatherhoods

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