Children’s cinema outings: which films to see with the family?

In the cinema, many films and cartoons are made for children. What are the animated films to watch with children at the cinema? Here is our selection of upcoming releases for young moviegoers.

What to see with children at the cinema for february holidays ? Taking the kids to the movies is a perfect outing on a rainy day or when it’s cold. The opportunity to discover what’s new, enjoying a popcorn with the children. To help you choose the animated film or cartoon that you will see in theaters, here is the “movie outings” selection and the editor’s favorites for the coming months:

Asterix and Obelix: The Middle Kingdom

In the year 50 BC, the Empress of China finds herself locked up following a coup orchestrated by a prince. The Empress’s daughter, Princess Fu Yi, wants at all costs to free her mother and her country. She then goes to Gaul to ask for help from the two brave warriors Asterix and Obelix. Together, they will go to China and they will have to face another warrior, Caesar and his powerful army in full conquest. In theaters February 1, 2023. Ages 8 and up.

The Secret of the Perlims

Two enemy secret agents, coming from two different kingdoms, Claé and Bruô must put aside their differences and team up to save their Magic Forest which is threatened by the Giants. To succeed in their mission, they will have to find the Perlims, very mysterious creatures… In theaters January 18, 2023. Ages 6 and up.

The Secret of the Perlims © UFO Distribution

Maurice the fabulous cat

Maurice is a mischievous cat who loves gold coins. He and his rat friends arrive in a new town with the goal of ripping off as many people as possible. But nothing will go as planned. Mysterious and magical events will occur. They will have to investigate. In cinemas February 1, 2023. From 6 years old.

Maurice the fabulous cat © KMBO


This animated film for toddlers highlights unconditional love and attachment to the loved one or to an object through 4 mini stories: that of a rabbit who helps her rabbit take its first steps, a teddy bear looking for its mother, a boot that attaches to its pair, and a kitten stuck to its mistress. In cinemas on January 18, 2023. From 3 years old.

Inseparable © The Whippet Films

sacred mummies

In an enchanted kingdom, under the Pyramids of Egypt, the mummies live their lives in peace. But one day, an archaeologist without morals comes to pillar one of their treasures. Thut and Princess Nefer, betrothed against their will, must team up to retrieve this property. They travel to the human world in London, accompanied by Thut’s impetuous brother and his pet crocodile. In theaters February 8, 2023. Ages 6 and up.

sacred mummies
sacred mummies © Warner Bros France

The Lulus War

In the midst of the conflict during the First World War, four inseparable young friends Lucas, Luigi, Lucien and Ludwig, who form the Lulus gang, find themselves left to their own devices after leaving their orphanage. They set out to reach Switzerland by all means to be safe. An adventure that promises to be rich in discoveries and adventures. In cinemas on January 18, 2023. Intended for a family audience, from 8 years old.

The Lulus War © Wild Bunch Distribution

pompom bear

Pompon, the little bear, wakes up one morning wondering what he will be able to do with his day. He then decides to go on an adventure in the forest with all his friends. An enchanted walk that will take him until nightfall, a good time to discover surprises in the starry sky. In theaters January 25, 2023. Ages 3 and up.

pompom bear © KMBO

neneh superstar

From the age of 12, Neneh, a young black girl, enters the ballet school of the Paris Opera to pursue her passion: dance. The little ballerina is certainly gifted but she will have to hang on to keep her place and be accepted, especially by the headmistress of the school who is keeping a secret linked to Neneh. In theaters January 25, 2023. Ages 10 and up.

neneh superstar © Gaumont Distribution

Dounia and the Princess of Aleppo

As war breaks out in Aleppo in Syria, little Dounia has to leave her hometown to take refuge elsewhere in a new house. In this journey, strewn with pitfalls, Dounia puts her hope in the Princess of Aleppo and the stories that surround her. In theaters February 1, 2023. Ages 6 and up.

Dounia and the Princess of Aleppo © Haut et Court

Louise and the Legend of the Feathered Serpent

Louise is 9 years old and she has just moved to Mexico with her family. The change is quite brutal for the little girl who had a hard time getting used to her new life. She stays with her beloved lizard, Keza, to find some comfort. But one day, his faithful friend escapes. She tries to find him and then embarks on an adventure that will allow her to discover Mexico from every angle, and more. In theaters February 8, 2023. Ages 6 and up.

Louise and the Legend of the Feathered Serpent © Gebeka Films

The Tiger’s Nest

During one night, Balmani, a young orphan, saves a baby tiger from the hands of a poacher in extremis. To escape the latter, Balmani and his little companion will take a long, far from relaxing trip to the Himalayan mountains. It will be the trip of a lifetime. In cinemas February 15, 2023. From 8 years old.

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Children’s cinema outings: which films to see with the family?

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