Christmas and animation, a perfect combination streaming on NOW

On Sky and streaming on NOW we recommend five animated films perfect for the Holidays: Too bad, Polar Express, The 5 Legends, Santa’s apprentice – Nicholas Christmas and Lego Movie will compete for the family’s attention towards cartoons .

If there is a Christmas date inevitable, is the one with theanimation: animated films, direct dash of the Christmas or breathe the themes, they are the best complement of Holiday. We have decided to report you five cartoons in stream up NOWperfect examples of this heart-warming entertainment and conveys the content closest to the spirit of Christmas.

Too bad

We should all be better at Christmas, they say. However, it is not easy to succeed, we know it as do the anthropomorphic animals protagonists of the unleashed and hilarious Too bad (2022), anchor of the DreamWorks Animation, directed by Pierre Perifel. The protagonist gang of the film belongs to the wolf Mr. Wolf and is also composed of Mr Piranha, Mr Snake, Mr Shark and Mrs Tarantula: all rather bad animals, and in fact they are there gang of robbers most feared in the city. When a coup goes badly and the five are arrested, they can only save themselves in one way: by accepting the kindness re-education programcarried out by the ambiguous Professor Rupert Jam IV…
Not only are you laughing heartily, but the superb technique combines CGI animation with facial expressions and eyes that recall freehand drawings. Don’t underestimate these scoundrels.

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Polar Express

It has become a Christmas classic, but Polar Express (2004) by Robert Zemeckis is something more: it is largely an animated film, but the protagonists are moved and interpreted in performance captureso that Tom Hanksformer partner of Zemeckis for Forrest Gump and Cast Away, here embodies bei six characters, of different ages and features! The technique already existed (it had been used for example for Gollum in Lord of the Rings), but Polar Express entered the Guinness World Record for being the first film to use it for all scenes.
Beyond the technical records, the story is based on a picture book by Chris Van Allsburg, where a child who does not believe in Santa Claus he is invited on the title train, managed by a charismatic train conductor: the destination is precisely the North Poleand along the way the little one and his peers will learn something about friendship and courage …

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rise of the Guardians

rise of the Guardians (2012) is a film by DreamWorks Animationdirected by Peter Ramsey who would later sign the Oscar winner Spider-Man A new universe. However, co-author of the cartoon is in fact Guillermo del Toro, executive producer of this adaptation of William Joyce’s book of the same name. It is not just a Christmas story, but a “multi-festive” tale. Indeed, history predicts that theBlack man (Pitch Black) plans to invade i children’s dreams, turning them into nightmares. Only a team of will be able to counter him festive heroescomposed by Jack Frost (spirit of winter), Nicholas Nord (Santa Claus), E. Aster Calmoniglio (il Easter bunny), dentolina (la Tooth fairy) and Sanderson Mansnoozie (Sandy). The epic adventurous story involves the recovery of milk teeth, precious repositories of childhood memories, seized by the Black Man. Spectacular and suitable not only for Christmas.

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Santa’s Apprentice: Nicholas Christmas

Santa Claus he is always depicted quite advanced in age, the ideal grandfather. But this grandfather will never think of retire? The problem is, replacing Santa isn’t a job for everyone. According to the rules, the heir must in fact be chosen among the children and must respond to three strict rules: be called Nicholas, be an orphan and have a pure heart. Our Nicholas seems like the ideal candidate, except that he has little self-confidence and suffers tremendously from dizziness! For the next Santa Claus, destined to fly on the mythical flying sleigh pulled by reindeer, this is a big problem. All this is told in Santa’s Apprentice: Nicholas Christmas (2010), co-directed by Luc Vinciguerra and Paulette Victor-Lifton, already behind the animated series a few years earlier.

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The Lego Movie

It may not be so clear to the younger generation, but parents will be able to confirm to children that LEGO constructions and Christmas they were often an indispensable combination. Dive into the bricks of lego movie (2014) by Phil Lord & Chris Miller it is therefore highly recommended these days, also because history celebrates and relaunches in metaphor i family tiesperhaps in crisis due to too many distractions.
In the Lego world we follow the vicissitudes of the “minifigs” Emmet Mattonowski, a worker who unwittingly finds a phantom “Strong piece“, which makes him a predestined Master Builder, the rank that indicates those who can build anything with the utmost creativity. However, the piece also appeals to the cruel Lord Business, who would like to destroy the entire LEGO world. Emmet, his ally Wildstyle and other friends (like a hilarious lego batman) will try to save the day.
A trip down memory lane for those who loved LEGO bricks, a trip into the wildest imagination for the little ones.

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Christmas and animation, a perfect combination streaming on NOW

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