Cinema with children: what films to see in September?

Discover the films to see at the cinema with children in September, classified by age and release date.

From the superhero maggot to the tiger who invites himself for tea, passing through the battles of Bakugan and the coati who tries to save the Amazon, here are the 7 films to see with the family this month.

The Tiger who invited himself for tea – From 3 years old


Released September 14 – A program of 4 animated short films based on the film Le Tigre qui s’invita pour le thé, adapted from Judith Kerr’s album. As young Sophie is about to have tea with her mother, a tiger rings the doorbell and politely asks for a cup of tea. Will Sophie and her mum have prepared enough tea and cakes for this great gourmand?

Also on the program “Le Tigre sur la table”, in which a little tiger is far too greedy, “When I grow up” where a kitten dreams of becoming a tiger and “Tigers à la queue leu leu” in which a lazy child goes do everything to never have to work again.

Lasting 42 minutes, this program which puts felines at the center of attention is ideal for a first cinema. The very sober animation on a white background, as in the book, allows young spectators to easily immerse themselves in the story. The film also conveys a message of tolerance and sharing.

The Camel and the Miller – From 4 years old

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The Whippet Movies

Released September 21 – After The Mountain of Jewels, The Little World of Bahador (Grand Prix Cannes Junior) and The Raven is a Funny Sparrow, discover The Camel and the Miller, the new film by Abdollah Alimorad.

This program of 3 short films made up of the films The Robot and the Farmer, The White Birds and The Chameau and the Menuier, is an ecological and poetic triptych to see from 4 years old.

The filmmaker explains: “Ecology is an integral part of our existence. My goal is to tell a story, in a simple narrative form, both attractive and instructive. I want to speak to all ages and, in particular , to children.

When we talk to them, it’s obvious to me that we have to talk about ecology: that’s why I do it in each of my films. Today, more than ever, it is important to talk about it since what is at stake is neither more nor less than the future of humanity. I am very proud to have put this theme at the heart of my work for years.”

Koati – From 6 years old

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Paradise Movies

Released September 21 – After creating the storyboard for the Blue Sky studios film, Rio 2 in 2014, director Rodrigo Perez-Castro is directing Koati, a first feature film in traditional animation that pays homage to Latin America.

This colorful film takes place in the heart of a hidden tropical forest. Three unlikely friends embark on a dangerous journey to save their forest…

An adventure film in the heart of an incredible setting for an ecological fable which challenges the spectators on the protection of forests – in particular the lungs of the Earth – and their inhabitants.

Bakugan Evolutions – From 7 years old

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Released September 24 – Bakugan fans get ready! The film Bakugan Evolutions will be visible in cinemas on September 24 and 25 exclusively.

Strange things are happening in Los Volmos – Elemental Energy from Vestroia seeps into Earth, creating mysterious phenomena. While investigating one of these disturbances, Dan and Draco encounter a new rival team of Fighters: the “Elemental Fighters”. The Fantastics discover the power of Nanogans, Evolutions and Elemental Battles and must team up to save the world from the threat of Elemental Storms.

Inspired by the animated series, this 1 hour film is aimed at fans of figurines.

My Father’s Secrets – From 8 years old

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Released September 21 – My Father’s Secrets is an adaptation of Michel Kichka’s comic strip, Second Generation (Dargaud editions).

In the 1960s, Michel and his brother lived a happy childhood in their Jewish family. Their father, silent and discreet, reveals nothing of his past. But what is he hiding?

The animated feature film directed by Vera Belmont (to whom we must already Survive with Wolves) talks about deportation and the Holocaust and shows the difficulty for people who have been deported to come to rebuild and talk to their loved one about what they have experienced.

A film that takes place from the children’s point of view and shows the vision they have of this War that they did not experience. A historical and moving film to see from 8 years old, in perfect complement to the History program.

Clay Demons – From 8 years old

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Cinema Audience Movies

Released September 21 – Les Démons d’argile tells the story of Rosa, an accomplished businesswoman. The sudden death of her grandfather, who raised her, and the feeling of guilt it causes brings her back to the house where she grew up. Thanks to a series of letters and clues, she discovers that he has given her an important task to accomplish. As she corrects her grandfather’s past mistakes, she manages to calm down.

The feature film shows the contrast between the stressful life of the city and the calm of the countryside where the problems are very different. A contrast accentuated by the difference between the animation techniques used. Digital for the city and stop-motion for the countryside.

Director Nuno Beato explains that Rosa’s quest is directly linked to the search for comfort brought by the embrace of the Other, the bonds of friendship, sharing and mutual aid. “We all need human ties that grow outside of economic success and the illusion it creates.” And the heroine will understand this when she leaves town.

Les Démons d’argile has several levels of reading and is to be seen from 8 years old. The clay figures, which are inspired by traditional Portuguese symbolic figurines, may worry the youngest.

Supermaggot – From 3 years old

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Films du Préau

Released September 28 – The funniest superhero is Supermaggot! This program of 40-minute animated shorts will entertain toddlers.

Adapted from the children’s book by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler, Supermaggot is a hero with a big heart, he spends his days saving the animals in the garden. When the evil Saurian magician captures him, who can help him? “Un paradis”, “Madame Coccinelle” and “Bémol” are broadcast before Superasticot.

From the creators of Monsieur Bout-de-Bois and Zébulon the dragon.

This film whose heroes hide underground or in the tall grass will amaze young spectators.

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Cinema with children: what films to see in September?

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