College of Campinas creates educational cartoon

To assist in the intellectual, social and emotional development of children, in a fun and captivating way, Colégio Oficina do Estudante de Campina created Turminha Oficina, an educational cartoon aimed at children aged between 5 and 10 years.

The objective of the action is to convey notions of morality, citizenship, sociability, awaken and stimulate creativity, as well as favoring the insertion, problematization and understanding of themes that are difficult for them to understand in the real world, such as birth, relationships and death.

According to the school, the first episodes will show how being kind is important to make friends and fight bullying.

Episodes will be made available for free through TV Workshop on YouTube, which can, for example, be used by educators in the public school system. They will be strategically short so that the messages are conveyed in a direct way, thus being easily understood and internalized.

The creator of the project, young Amanda Talli, 18, explains that each character was meticulously designed so that the little ones have immediate empathy and identification with them. To this end, she informs, a survey was carried out with parents and guardians of students, without making its focus explicit – it consisted of a series of random questions and, in the midst of them, the specific ones for the making of the characters and the design of the drawing. Based on the answers to this questionnaire, five animals with greater acceptance by parents and children were selected and the characteristics and profiles of each one of them were defined.

Turminha Oficina is formed by a group of five friends: the giraffe Dora, the kitten Mia, the little pig Nuni, the panda Guga and the rhinoceros Rino.

Dora is smart, impulsive, proactive, inventive and confident. She likes to participate in all subjects, whether at home or in the school environment. One of her outstanding characteristics is ‘to take everything’ and to be aggregator – she usually integrates the new children. Mia, on the other hand, is all delicate, quiet and dreamy. Educated as she is, she asks permission for everything, she likes the arts and enjoys the context of her age, playing with dolls whenever possible.

When it comes to the boys in the group, Nuni, the little pig, is shy and, consequently (or not), calm and independent. But he is still empathetic. He spends a lot of his time playing games on his cell phone. However, he stops and answers when asked. He is liked for being understanding of his peers’ affairs and respectful of adults. The extroverted panda Guga, on the other hand, makes friends with ease. Funny, he makes everyone around him laugh often. Talkative, he is full of stories to tell and does not dispense with a good delicacy. He has his father as a hero.

Finally, Rino, the rhino, who is the mascot of the Student Workshop, is friendly, cheerful and playful. How could it be otherwise, he is a scholar. He’s a natural competitor and doesn’t like to lose, he gets angry when it happens. Concerned about the environment, he is a vegetarian.

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College of Campinas creates educational cartoon

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