Colombian animated series was nominated for the 2022 Emmy Awards

Dapinty in one of his adventures in Colombia. Photo: Dapinty producers

The Serie “Dapinty, a musical adventure” will represent Colombia this year in the International Emmy Awards 2022after being nominated in the category Kids: Animationin which every year the television programs produced and broadcast outside the United States.

“It fills us with illusion to see that this work that we do with a lot of love with more than 100 artists is nominated together with these great productions,” the executive producer of the series, Iván Vanegas, told Caracol Radio.

The Colombian production, designed for children in preschool agetells the story of Dapintychild adventurous lover of painting and music who, in the company of his friend Miguel -a magic brush-tour Colombia in search of animals to portray.

“They find a lot of adventures, rhythms of the region, adventures to get to meet the animal they were looking for and return to paint their picture,” Vanegas told the same radio channel.

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Official image of the series 'Dapinty, A Musicolor Adventure'. Photo: Dapinty producers
Official image of the series ‘Dapinty, A Musicolor Adventure’. Photo: Dapinty producers

Each of the episodes takes place in different Colombian regions: Mompox (Caribbean), El Tuparro National Natural Park (Orinoquía)the Páramo de Santurban (Andean), Solano Bay and Nuqui (Peaceful), Chiribiquete (Amazon) and the Providencia Island (Insular).

“It was a very big challenge to find the instruments and sounds that would create the atmosphere of each region. For that we work with Daniel Gutierrez (Dapinty), with the teacher Julio César Sierra who was part of the musical team of ‘Encanto’ and other artists who contributed to us from the different departments”, said Vanegas in an interview with RCN Radio.

As a curious fact, the executive producer of the series revealed to the radio station that, in order for the characters in each episode to be heard more realistic, they made a casting in each of the regions where the episodes took place in order to obtain the characteristic accent of the area.

The series, which took place completely virtually during the pandemic, was written by Miguel J. Vélez Y Directed by Daniel Mejía and Alicia Molinawho also had the support of more than 100 professionals such as illustrators, animators, sound engineers, musicians, voice actorsamong others.

Dapinty and his friend Miguel on one of their adventures in Colombia. Photo: Dapinty producers
Dapinty and his friend Miguel on one of their adventures in Colombia. Photo: Dapinty producers

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“With this series, we want show the world our ethnic and cultural wealth, emphasizing the Magical Realism of our country; each chapter has different colors, sounds, instruments and accents, highlighting our great diversity”, Daniel Mejía told the newspaper El Colombiano.

The Colombian program that has been broadcast on regional channels such as Tr3ce Channel Y Colombia signin addition to being nominated for an Emmy, he has also been selected among the BAM animation projects 2021 and in the “Partner Pitches from Colombia” at the 2021 Annecy Festival (France).

The winners of the International Emmy Awards 2022 will be announced during the gala number 50 of the awards, which will take place on next November 21 in New York City, United States.


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Colombian animated series was nominated for the 2022 Emmy Awards

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