Coraline and the Secret World: 13 facts you didn’t know about history

Despite being a cartoon, anyone who thinks that the movie Coraline and the Secret World is just a “story for children” is wrong. Released in February 2009, the film can be quite scary – but at the same time, it can win over audiences of all ages.

When moving into a new house, Coraline finds a secret door that takes her to a different world, where everything seems to be much more perfect than reality. Her new parents in this universe are more attentive and loving, and the girl has everything she needs. However, what appears to be a fairy tale turns out to be a very dangerous and macabre situation.

If you’re a fan of the movie or curious to know more about it, you’re in the right place! Check out 13 amazing facts about history:

1. The film was based on the book by Neil Gaiman, the same author of the famous story “Sandman”.

2. The work is considered the first stop-motion animation for the 3D format. In fact, to date, it was the longest drawing ever produced using this technique!

3. The film was nominated for Best Animation at the 2010 Academy Awards.

4. Coraline was the first film released by Focus Features.

5. The film was supported by 500 people, 70 of whom were doll makers.

6. The animation took about four years to complete. The photography work alone took 18 months!

7. It took 10 people to make a single Coraline doll for the shoot – and the process took 3-4 months.

8. In total, 15,000 facial expressions were made by hand. For the character Coraline alone, 6,300 were made.

9. In the film, the money used to pay Ranft Bros employees is stamped with the face of the director, Henry Selick. The flip-flops worn by the Other Father are a reference to the film “No Limite da Imaginação”, also directed by Selick.

10. The Linden department store is a reference to Harry Linden, producer of the film. Also, moving company Ranft Bros, is named after animation artists Jerome and Joe Ranft!

11. Subliminal messages everywhere: the egg yolk that the Other Mother pours into a bowl forms the image of the main character in the movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas” from the year 1993, also directed by Henry Selick.

12. The film adaptation is very faithful to the book, making only a few changes: in the literary work, for example, the color of the family mansion is not mentioned. Therefore, the details of the “pink mansion” are exclusive to the film.

13. In the film, Coraline befriends the grandson of the owner of the manor, Wyborne, but this character does not exist in the book. It was created to introduce Coraline to the place, whereas in the book, we spend a long time following the girl’s explorations and discoveries alone.

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Coraline and the Secret World: 13 facts you didn’t know about history

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