Criticism of The football movie: Netflix prepares the World Cup with an animation for children

The football movie is now available on Netflix. The streaming giant has opted on this occasion for an animation for children, purely childish and with our sights set on the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. It is no coincidence that this film has seen the light of day just a few weeks after the ball got rolling.

Directed by Mitch Schauer, a well-known animator from marvel superheroes and who took his first steps under the protection of Garfield and his friends (1988), The football movie is an animated film that has featured two media stars of this sport. This is the case of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Megan Rapinoe.


The Soccer Football Movie | Official Trailer | Netflix After School

The premise of the Netflix animated film is simple: four young soccer fans band together to help their idols regain their abilities when an evil scientist takes their talent away. The rest is merely anecdotalWell, as we say, the childish tone of the film takes absolutely all the prominence.

The feeling that we have got is that of being in front of an animation series from the first bars of the millennium. Do you remember those mornings, before going to school, when Jimmy Neutron was broadcast on television? Well, more or less The football movie transfers a similar image to that of those programs.

In that sense, the generational conflict with the adult viewer is more than evident. The story is insufficient for any football lover, because beyond the curiosity of having Ibrahimovic and Rapinoe in the middle, the sport has more of an excuse than anything else. May have been basketball with LeBron James or baseball with Aaron Judge and the result would have been similar.

Deeki Deke’s script has tried to capture in The Soccer Movie certain ingredients that have worked in other animated films. Nevertheless, ends up being a hodgepodge of ideas that is not very consistentwith an insufficient cinematographic technique in most cases, poor in backgrounds and with boring and not at all ingenious designs.

Netflix has failed miserably with this film. Not only because it has narrowed down its target so much, especially considering that soccer lovers are less and less childish, because today’s children would have preferred a film about streamers than a story starring a footballer who is already almost gray hair.

The soccer movie doesn’t work as a film, it doesn’t work as a story, and it doesn’t work as entertainment either. Might be fun for the little ones., I cannot guarantee that, although I have my doubts; but, of course, we have found it a bland experience, even for the limited 73 minutes of footage it has.

We would like to be able to highlight a specific section of the Netflix tape, but, coldly reviewing it, even doing an exercise of benevolence, we can hardly save anything. The characters are flat, the music is generic, the story is fuzzy, and the humor is awkward and, in most cases, stupid.

You can’t always enjoy everything that Netflix’s extensive catalog offers. Of course, The football movie has caught them completely offside and neither asking for the VAR nor giving him a penalty did they manage to turn the game around. Let’s hope that the 2022 World Cup in Qatar is nothing like this film, because if not…

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Criticism of The football movie: Netflix prepares the World Cup with an animation for children

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