Crossroads Animation Film Festival – 19th edition from December 9 to 15, 2022 at the Forum des Images – Bulles de Culture

The Forum des images is organizing the 19th edition of its festival Crossroads of animation cinema from December 9 to 15, 2022. For a full week, the Parisian institution will celebrate the diversity of animated cinema by bringing together filmmakers, professionals, young talents and a passionate audience. Discover the program.

The programming of crossroads animation film festival will be eclectic: feature films and short films in preview, exceptional meetings, “Japanim” screenings, a “Politics and Animation” focus, a selection of student films and a dive into the “factory of animation”.

Misaki no Mayoiga by Shinya Kawatsura will open this 19th edition. For the closing party, Nayolathe new feature film by the Portuguese director Jose Miguel Ribeiro will be presented at the Forum des Images.

Other previews of the festival include:

  • opal by Alain Bidard
  • YAya e Lennie: The Walking Liberty ofalessandro rak
  • The Secret of the Perlims by Ale Abreu
  • Blind Willows, Sleeping Woman by Pierre Foldes
  • Good-bye by Atsuko Ishizuka.

Each year, the festival brings together professionals and animation enthusiasts to discover highly anticipated projects, meet their creators and thus dive behind the scenes of animation. The Carrefour du cinema d’animation will welcome the young director Gints Zilbalodis who will present the first drafts of his film Flow. The festival will shine the spotlight on the studio Blue Spiritthe flagship of French animation.

The Forum des images will also screen some thirty short films freshly produced by French animation studios.

Among the creators welcomed: Alberto Vázquez (Unicorn Wars), Yasuhiro Yoshiura (Patema and the Inverted World, Sing a Bit of Harmony), Anca Damian (The Island), Patrick Bokanowski (selection of his short films), Gints Zilbalodis (Flow , in work in progress), Pierre Földes (Blind willows, sleeping woman), Anaïs Caura and Joëlle Oosterlinck (Suzanne, work in progress), Alessandro Rak (Yaya e Lennie: The Walking Liberty), Jean-François Le Corre (Interdit aux Dogs and Italians by Alain Ughetto)…

Finally, the Carrefour du Cinéma d’Animation is committed to broadcasting international works with unique perspectives on the world. We will find in particular the feature film Chun Tae-il: A Flame That Lives Onan animated biopic on an important figure in the class struggle in South Korea in the 1960s, or even Flee which traces the fight of a homosexual man forced to flee Afghanistan.

Learn more:

  • Official website of the Forum des Images
  • Full €7.20; Reduced: €5.80; Under 14: €4.50; Unlimited UGC card: €5; Preferential: €4
    Forum Festival Card: €15 for all festival screenings
    Free: Unicorn Wars exhibition and the AGrAF 2022 session)
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Crossroads Animation Film Festival – 19th edition from December 9 to 15, 2022 at the Forum des Images – Bulles de Culture

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