D23 2022: all Disney and Pixar announcements

After 3 years of absence due to the Covid-19 pandemic, D23, the official Disney fan convention, is back! This Friday, September 9, in the middle of the night, took place the panel dedicated to films and series stamped Disney and / or Pixar. Let’s go back to all the announcements concerning these studios during D23 2022, classified by studios and by release date.

Walt Disney Animation Studios announcements at D23 2022


From November 9, 2022, the Disney+ platform will see a new original program from Walt Disney Animation Studios! The world of zootopia returns in a series of short films dedicated to the inhabitants of the immense city with overflowing energy, under the simple name of Zootopia+. If the fans present were able to discover a trailer, it was not revealed to the rest of the world.

Avalonia, the strange journey

From November 23, 2022, the whole world, except France since the film will not be released in cinemas in our country, will be able to discover Avalonia, the strange journey in dark rooms. In the 61st Disney animated film, “members of an incredible family will have to overcome their differences to save a strange world, full of danger and surprise”. The American cast has been announced and it brings together some beautiful people: Jake Gyllenhaal will be Searcher Clade, Dennis Quaid Jaeger Clade, Jaboukie Young-White Ethan Clade and Lucy Liu Callisto Mal.


In 2023, on the Disney+ platform, subscribers will be able to discover an original animated series, made up of long episodes, as opposed to short films like those of Zootopia+, created in collaboration with Kugali, an African comics company. The series will be an ode to the city of Lagos, Nigeria, in a futuristic, colorful and highly technological vision. The ocean will physically and economically divide the city into a poor continent and a rich island. We will follow the story of Tola, a wealthy island heiress, and her best friend Kole, a tech expert from the mainland.

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Finally, in the fall of 2023, we will be able to discover the animated musical film Wishcreated especially for the 100 years of the studios, paying tribute to all the animated films that preceded it.

The idea starts from a simple question: “How was the wishing star, to which many characters have made a wish, born?” The story will thus take place in Rosas, the kingdom of wishes, where all wishes come true. We will follow Asha, an optimistic 17-year-old woman who takes her community very seriously. In a moment of desperation, she makes a passionate wish to the stars, who respond to her with a cosmic force, a small ball of energy called Star (untranslated word). Together, they will stand up to save the community and prove that the connection between the magic of the stars and the will of a single brave human can move mountains.

Actor Alan Tudyk will play a little goat named Valentino, while Ariana DeBose will voice Asha. She even performed the film’s first song, “More for Us,” written by Julia Michaels.

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First image of Wish, Asha and Valentino

Pixar announcements at D23 2022


On June 16, 2023, the American date, we will be able to discover the new Pixar animated film on the four elements: elemental. In the city of the film, beings related to the elements, water, earth, air and fire, all live together. Ember is a strong, independent young woman, while Wade is funny, immature, and more of a go-getter.

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Ember and Wade

Win or Lose

In the fall of 2023, a Pixar series will appear on the Disney+ platform, the studio’s first real long-format animated series. Win or Lost will follow the elementary school softball team, the Pickles, through the week leading up to the championship.

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The Pickles and Coach Dan


In the spring of 2024, we will be invited to discover elio, the story of a dreamy 11-year-old boy. Elio is a creative, rather introverted person who struggles to find his place in the world. Mom Olga is working on a top-secret military project and trying to decode a strange signal in space. But it is Elio who creates the contact and is sent into space. He is then taken for the intergalactic ambassador of the Earth…

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Inside Out 2

While Pixar announced that it would no longer do a sequel a while ago, it seems that the studios have changed their minds! In effect, Inside Out 2 has been announced! Riley will now be a teenager and should feel all new emotions… The film is scheduled for the summer of 2024.

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Walt Disney Studios announcements at D23 2022

Hocus Pocus 2

Disney’s most beloved (or loved to hate) witches are back to play tricks on us!

It’s been 29 years since the Black Flame ignited and resurrected the Sanderson sisters and they seek revenge. It is up to three high school girls to stop the witches, who seek to cast a new spell on Salem, before the end of Halloween night.

The film arrives on September 30, directly on Disney+!

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The final poster of Hocus Pocus 2


November 24, 2022 will mark the return of the characters from Once upon a time in a suite exclusively on Disney+!

The film takes place 15 years after the marriage of Giselle and Robert. But Giselle’s life in town is not what she hoped for. So she hopes their move to a quieter town will bring the fairy tale to life. But the suburb has its own rules and Giselle is still out of place. Frustrated, she uses the magic of Andalasia to help her make her life a true fairy tale, but not everything will go as planned…

The little Mermaid

In May 2023, we will be able to discover the live-action remake of The little Mermaid, with Halle Bailey in the title role. The unveiled teaser plunges us under the ocean during the scene of “Leaving there”… Javier Bardem will be Triton and Melissa McCarthy will be Ursula.

Peter Pan and Wendy

2023 will be marked by the arrival of a new remake on the Disney+ platform: Peter Pan and Wendy. The film will delve into the story of Wendy (Ever Anderson) joining the unwilling boy growing up in Neverland, as well as the relationship between Peter Pan (Alexander Molony) and Captain Hook (Jude Law).

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Haunted Mansion

Still in 2023, it’s the attraction Haunted Mansion which will be honored in a ghostly adventure film… The film will tell the story of a woman and her son hiring “real” experts in the occult to cleanse their house of its ghostly occupants. The great Jamie Lee Curtis will play Madame Leota…

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MUFASA: The Lion King

In this prequel to Lion King, which will be released in 2024, Rafiki, Timon and Pumbaa will tell in the form of flashbacks, the story of Mufasa’s rise to a young lion cub. It is Barry Jenkins who will direct the film in line with that of 2019.

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Snow White

Still in 2024, it’s the remake of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs who talked about him. Rachel Zegler, seen in West Side Storyand Gal Gadot, wonder womanwill have the two main roles, those of the princess and her mother-in-law the Queen.

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D23 2022: all Disney and Pixar announcements

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