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The year passes, and in the closed park of comics, some good news is emerging on the horizon. This is in any case the opinion of a part of the public – those who adhere to the style and the method james gunn. After several years of good and loyal service at marvel studiosas the official responsible for Guardians of the Galaxy (for the anecdote, the guy was even in charge of writing the dialogues of the team in the film Avengers: Infinity War brothers Russo, an authentic pledge of creative control), this one is about to empty his office. Kicked out, you say? No, promoted to a better position. At the competition.

Gunn’s Blazing

Gunnalong with Peter Safranproducer on Peacemaker, The Suicide Squad and Aquamanare currently writing the roadmap for the next few years of the house DC Studios. The new president of Warner Bros. Discovery, David Zaslav (or “Sauron”, as employees used to call him HBO Max) has commissioned the two presidents of this new brand to create a complete program for the brand DC Comics on the screens. No announcements yet to report for the moment – even if potential lines of flight have already been able to filter through the cracks. If you like big cars, cigars and beer, let’s say the future looks (perhaps) exciting.

Rest, Gunn mostly contented himself with confirming the obvious. On social networks, the filmmaker, accustomed to communicating with the public, has for example validated the fact that the future of the productive apparatus DC Studios was going to work well on a logic of connected universe through films, television series in real images, and animated series. This detail in particular is always worth taking – although, of course, the fact that DC Studios will work like marvel studios nothing of a discovery (Gunn and Saffron officially responded to the job offer “we need a Kevin Feige to us friends” posted by Warner Bros. Discovery), and marvel studios has already taken on this reflection with the animated series What If…?. In short, no surprises on the horizon.

But, all the same. The fact that feige finally decided to produce cartoons in the canon of his mcu is one thing, but it is common knowledge that Warner Bros. has always been one step ahead of the competition in the exploitation of animated formats since the end of the eighties. And this, even outside of the lean periods that followed the end of the animated universe Timm-verse. Over the past ten years, Teen Titans GO!, The LEGO Batman, Krypto and the Super Animalsamong other things, reminded everyone that the superhero cartoon playground had never really been deserted by WB-Animation. The group still owns the studios Hanna Barbera, Cartoon Networkand Adult Swim by extension, a pool of talent that should largely be able to provide if james gunn decides to invest the niche.

Another less interesting detail: the president of DC Studios speak well of “DCUs” (and no “DCEU“), which again confirms that a logic of universe will be put back on the agenda despite the success of isolated and autonomous initiatives like The Batman or of Joker. The movie of Matt Reeves will also be entitled to its own continuity and its own spin-offs, so we must expect a different nomenclature (“TBU“?) in the years to come. In the same way as Gunn has already started building its own little house with the spin-offs of The Suicide Squadwe should be able to find a little organic in the coming years of DC Comics in the cinema and on connected screens.

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DC Studios: James Gunn confirms a shared universe between films and series (and especially animation) | COMICSBLOG.fr

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