Demon Slayer animation will affect all studios, according to one director

If you have to look for at least one thing that inevitably makes everyone agree about Demon Slayer, it is undoubtedly the incredible quality that characterizes the animation of the animated series, the result of theimpressive work carried out by Ufotable.

In fact, if you’ve been following the anime scene for several years already, or if you’ve had the opportunity to see the other creations from the studio, it will surely have been possible to attend further works with such a quality, as the numerous adaptations of the franchise of You door the film series of Kara no Kyoukai.

But being Demon Slayer an anime that has reached by now of extremely high peaks of popularity, thus leading Ufotable to be recognized globally in the more mainstream environment of anime, the quality of the animations has also inevitably affected those who find themselves working in the industry. And among the compliments and enthusiasm of many of them, the (potentially controversial) words of a well-known director stand out, who hopes like all studios of animation aim to achieve the same standards.

Demon Slayer as exemplary animation

Director Takashi Watanabe, creator of some renowned series such as Slayers, Boogiepop Phantom, Hidan no Aria And Shakugan no Shana, made these statements on his Twitter profile in the past few hours. His praise to the animation of Demon Slayer therefore comes shortly after the release of last episodewho presented some of the more dramatic battles of the second seasonwhich is now moving towards its conclusion.

Viewers were delighted by the breathtaking animations created by Ufotable, and for this reason the director wanted to express his thoughts about it. From his published words in the tweet, so you can read a sort of “forecast” that Watanabe does for the future of the industry:

“As expected, I too have heard the feedback regarding Kimetsu No Yaiba (Demon Slayer). I think soon, all companies will definitely have to aspire to that level of production. Furthermore, it seems that some studies are already following this path. If they fail, they will be branded as “bad” companies and disappear. An incredible era is about to be created. To see what will happen, everything will depend on the thinking of producers and production committees ”.

The director’s statements have thus given rise to various reactions: some Japanese fans evaluate the cost-benefit ratio, where adapting a work in an exceptional way would be directly proportional to the economic results that could be obtained.

Another user argues how it will take a reverse direction: after reaching a high quality of entertainment, you will get tired and the quality will go down again. There are also those who think that these are only fleeting moments: before there was Kyoto Animation, now there is Ufotable, and then there will be another studio.

Finally, let’s remember how Demon Slayer is not actually the only anime to have an exceptional animation this season: we think of other series currently in progress, such as Attack on Titan, Akebi-chan or the second season of Princess Connect. And even if anime all reached incredible levels of design and beauty, it still remains fundamental that they in turn show a story that goes hand in handto make the anime really valid.

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Demon Slayer animation will affect all studios, according to one director

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