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Last year, many anime movies were released. Here are five films that marked us in 2022 and that you should (re) see.

Whether it’s a new installment of an already existing franchise or an original project, 2022 brought us its share of films and series and marked the history of Japanese animation as the one of the best. Series like The attack of the Titans, BLEACH Where JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, which are true classics, continue to take center stage. While new series like chain saw man Where Spy x Family are more and more talked about.

2022 has been a big year for Japanese anime fans. Several highly anticipated films have been released in theaters such as Detective Conan – Bride of Shibuya, One Piece: Red Where Jujutsu Kaisen 0. Fans were able to experience a wide variety of stories, some from independent studios and others from major studios like the studio MAPPA. In addition to the adaptations already mentioned, some films, featuring original stories, have also met with some success. We selected five films released in France in 2022 that have marked us and that we consider as the best animated films of the year !

Discover the best animated films of 2022

Our selection of animated films of the year 2022

Original project of Toei-Animationit was in 2000, on the channel FoxKidsthat young French people were able to discover the series for the first time Magical DoReMi. The series follows, at the time, the adventures of Doremi, Hazuki (Emilie in French), Seno (Sophie), Onpu (Loulou) and Asuka (Mindy), young schoolgirls endowed with magical powers. In each season, the girls must face challenges and obstacles in order to become full-fledged witches. They will also be given custody of Hana (Flora), the daughter of the queen of witches, whom they will have to raise as their own child. At the time, many little girls dreamed of becoming witches too, like Doremi and her friends.

In 2022, fans of the time, but also younger fans, were able to immerse themselves in the universe of Magical DoReMi with the movie Finding the Teenage Witches. The story follows three adult fans of the series who each have to face difficulties. As they meet by chance, they will befriend and support each other. They will quickly realize that, contrary to what society makes us believe, magic does exist and can perform real miracles.

In this film of the franchise Magical DoReMi, you will not only immerse yourself in the history of the series, but also in precious childhood memories. If you, too, believed in magic, this film should remind you to always believe in it, even as you grow up.

One Piece: RED

In 2022, we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the franchise One Piece and on this occasion, a fifteenth film, One Piece: RED, was released in theaters. In France, we discovered it four days after its Japanese release. A film that fans have been waiting for impatiently since the last chapters of the manga in which we discovered a new power in Luffy. 25 years of One Piece have also signed the entry of the series in its last arc. When compared to other films in the franchise, or even the anime, One Piece: RED offered the fans the beautiful animation of the whole series. And it was surprising to see that the film was quite close to American films which are much more sung. These songs are actually one of the best elements of the film since they are not only incredibly powerful, but also very well used.

If the film worked so well, it’s not just because it’s about One Piece. But also, because the story focuses more on the characters, in this case Shanks and Luffy, and their relationship with Uta, daughter of Shanks, but also antagonist of the film. The production teams have done an excellent job so that the characters are much more in-depth and in particular Uta, who has this nice evil side.

Jujutsu Kaisen 0

The film Jujutsu Kaisen 0 was released in March 2022, almost three months after its Japanese release. A Japanese release that made an impression since the film, produced by the studio MAPPA, broke many records and remained in theaters for a particularly long time. In France, its release, although eagerly awaited by fans, was unfortunately tainted by the behavior of certain spectators during the previews. Despite this, the film was a real success, thanks in particular to a simply incredible animation.

Just like in the anime Jujutsu Kaisenwhose first season aired at the end of 2021, the film by MAPPA manages to plunge us straight into volume 0 of the manga that the film adapts. Jujutsu Kaisen 0 even manages the feat, using elements from the original manga, to develop certain scenes, allowing fans to better relate the prequel to the manga’s story. Also, if you watch the movie Jujutsu Kaien 0, you will easily notice that, although he may look like Yuji, Yuta is nevertheless very different. Indeed, his character, his search for happiness, his maturity make him a complex character who well deserved that an entire arc be dedicated to him.

The Deer King

Does the name Masashi Ando sound familiar to you? No ? So know that this genius animator has worked on great masterpieces of Japanese animation like Princess Mononoke, Spirited away or Your Name. In the spring of 2022, his new film, The Deer Kingis shown in French cinemas and the manga, published by Casterman and counting two volumes, will be released on May 4th in our bookstores. A story that is rather discreet despite the power of its story. Produced by the studio GI production (Ao Ashi, Moriarty the Patriot), the film immerses us in a much more current story than we think.

If you haven’t seen yet The Deer King, you should go see it. Indeed, although inspired by a novel, the story will immerse you in a story similar to that of Princess Mononoke. GI production has also done an incredible job on the animation side, to the point that you will be immersed in this power struggle and this race for survival that the characters live. An epic story not to be missed.


Inu-Oh is a magnificent film that plunges viewers into the world of traditional Japanese culture. The production is incredibly polished, showcasing the costumes and sets through gorgeous shots and smooth camera movements. The colors used in the film are vibrant and add a touch of poetry to the whole.

The story tells of the rise of a traditional Japanese theater actor, Inu-Oh, through obstacles and rivalries. He faces tough choices and challenges that test his skills and determination. The film realistically depicts the complexities of a traditional artist’s life and the sacrifices he must make to pursue his passion.

The performances of the actors are breathtaking, especially that of the protagonist who brilliantly embodies the complexity of his character. He manages to convey the character’s emotions with finesse and authenticity. The film is also rich in traditional Japanese theater scenes, all of which are beautifully staged and acted out.

In summary, Inu-Oh is a beautiful film that offers an exciting insight into traditional Japanese culture. It’s both moving and entertaining, and it offers a reflection on the choices and sacrifices one must make to pursue one’s dreams. This is a must-see film for all lovers of Japanese culture and fine filmmaking.

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Discover the best animated films of 2022 The Siver Times

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