Discover the types of 3D animations that exist

The 3d animation It is essential to give movement to objects or drawings that naturally do not have it; If you want to get started in this sector and start to bring animations to life, you can consider make fp 3d animation onlineRemember that it is a profession that uses technology to digitally shape objects to move in three-dimensional space.

exist different types of 3D animations that are used depending on the result that you want to achieve, each one serves to give personality to the protagonists of a story. Stay until the end to find out what this modern technology is all about.

What is 3D animation?

The word animation comes from the Latin “Anima” which means “Soul”, so animation is the act of giving an object or character a soul, so that it obtains a deep and relevant meaning.

The 3d animation it is a process in which the frames are rendered to create an audiovisual model that encompasses a three-dimensional space so that an object stops being inert and comes to life; This allows it to be applied to different areas such as:

  • Advertisement
  • Video game
  • Applications
  • Virtual reality
  • simulations
  • Films

Due to all that it is capable of encompassing, the 3D animation specialists they always have a space to work since the demand for these professionals is very high in the modern world. Normally, in 3D animation, movement is created through sequences of still images, so different programs, software and applications that give it a three-dimensional look.

The different types of 3D animations they also make use of mathematics and geometry, to be able to fix a two-dimensional image in a three-dimensional environment and mold it, going from simple frames to a full 3D sequence, ready for a movie. High-level professional training will help you position yourself in this area of ​​work in the most qualified way possible.

Types of 3D animation that can be used

3D animation has evolved enormously thanks to the new technologies and needs, so the sector has adapted to it through different types of 3D animations, each one representing a style and using various techniques.

Hyper realistic 3D animation

The hyper realistic 3D animation It is the most confusing, because they look like people, animals and real objects; It is the most complex as it emulates in detail the features and movements of living beings. To achieve this, 3D animation makes use of motion capture. In addition, hyperrealistic animation is the most used in the action movies and video games to implement scenes without real danger, facilitating logistics.

3d cartoon animation

This type of 3D animations They are the ones we see in cartoons; It was first put into practice in 1981 by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston at Walt Disney Studios. It is really the most complex animation as it is done completely manually, for this reason the style is usually the most varied since it will depend on the drawing abilities of each animator.


The 3d snappy animation It is nothing more than the exaggeration of cartoon animation, so they are variants; This Snappy variation is mostly used for humorous purposes, so the graphics despite being simple have overdone distinctive features.

kayaking, a adorable short animation about a parent’s anxiety

What to do with the types of 3D animations?

Although the 3d animation It is widely used in television and film, but its use extends to many other areas, some of which are:

Video game

In gaming they are used different types of 3D animations, but it is hyperrealism that takes on more prominence, especially to create characters, universes and alternate realities. Much of the evolution of the world of video games is due to this type of animation and the degree of care it pays to detail.

video game city stray


For marketing and advertising it is common to see more and more 3d animations, from the characters that narrate the advantages of using a product or service, to those advertisements that show some part of the body, showing the benefits or the operation of something. The same applies to those advertisements that use text with images.

Nike shoe made in 3d for advertising

Nike shoe recreated in 3d for advertisement

Film and television

Surely you have seen a Disney movie like Toy Story, but in other genres like Jurassic World there are also animated images. For what the cinema and the television represent a wide world where the different types of 3D animations they come alive to generate quality content that allows you to be part of the story.

pass the ball collaborative animated short film, 3d cherry man

Still from Pass the ball, animated short

Definitely the evolution of 3D animations It’s nowhere near over. The future continues to promise excellent scenarios for this digitization process; the sensation of movement will be more and more realistic. Begin to form yourself today to be part of this world!

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Discover the types of 3D animations that exist

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