Disney: 10 mistakes you never noticed in #season3 cartoons

We love seeing and reviewing Disney animated films, but some contain errors and inconsistencies that we could not necessarily notice with our children’s eyes. Between anachronisms and false connections, here are 10 details that you had never spotted.

The number of dwarves in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

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For an animated film released in 1937, we can forgive a few mistakes. But in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, there is one that caught our attention. During the scene where the seven dwarfs have to wash up before dinner, Grincheux is particularly reluctant to this idea. His six other companions then decide to grab him by force to make him take a bath. However, at this precise moment, Dopey suddenly disappears and does not reappear until a few moments later. look the scene by yourself, it vanished like magic!


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A color error in Alice in Wonderland


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In the animated film Alice in Wonderland released in 1951, Alice meets a strange caterpillar who smokes hookah on a mushroom. But from one scene to another, we notice that the colors on his body are reversed, his abdomen which was light blue becomes dark blue.

The Great Wall in Mulan


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In Mulan, the Huns pass over the Great Wall to invade China. Shan-Yu, the leader, even claims that his edification by the Emperor was an invitation to prove his strength. Although it is not known when it was built, it took centuries to build such an architectural structure, so the Huns no longer posed a threat long before it was completed.

The invisible phone in lilo and stitch


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In lilo and stitch, Lilo and Nani go to a shelter to adopt an animal. At the reception, we see a black telephone fixed next to the fire extinguisher. However, in the next scene, he mysteriously disappeared. Would Stitch have eaten it?

An error in Simba’s branch in The Lion King


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Just before the most tragic scene of the Lion King, Simba finds himself clinging to a branch to try to somehow escape the wildebeest. But between the plans, we can notice that the branch completely changes shape. And for once, it’s not the fault of the wildebeest.

Feline’s eyes in Baby


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When spring returns to Baby, the young deer quenches his thirst in a pond when Feline arrives, a doe he has known since he was very young. Besides, her beautiful blue eyes are far from going unnoticed in this scene. But a bit later in the movie, they turned golden. And towards the end of Baby, they are blue again. How to explain this error?

The search notice that switches from French to English in Rapunzel


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Everyone remembers the gag around Flynn Rider’s nose on his wanted poster in Rapunzel. But did you notice this slight inconsistency? Indeed, when he first sees his poster, it is written in French, but when Rapunzel and Flynn arrive in town, the wanted poster is indeed in English.

The anachronism in Pocahontas: an Indian legend


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Only history buffs could spot this error. When Governor Ratcliffe arrives in the lands of the “New World”, he holds the flag of the United Kingdom, namely the Union Jack, in his hand. However, this version of the flag has only existed since 1801, although we know that the history of Pocahontas takes place in the 17th century, in 1607 to be precise. He should have used from the beginning the flag that we see on the right image that the Governor brandishes a little later in the film.

An anachronistic error in The Hunchback of Notre Dame


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Definitely, Disney has a slight tendency to multiply anachronisms in its animated films! The fans of Hunchback of Notre Dame probably remember the song ” just one day where Quasimodo roams the roofs of Notre-Dame de Paris. Except that at one point, he starts to climb the spire of the cathedral, a work which was only inaugurated in 1859. Of course, you guessed it, The Hunchback of Notre Dame takes place in the year of grace 1482.

A bottle of perfume out of nowhere in The little Mermaid


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Again, Mickey’s house loves making objects appear and disappear in their movies. In The little Mermaid, just as Vanessa (well, Ursula) is getting ready for her wedding to Eric, she steps on her dressing table and crushes a purple perfume bottle. But on the previous plan, we can see that it is absent among all the accessories.

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Disney: 10 mistakes you never noticed in #season3 cartoons

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